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Zach and Weiki

Just thought  I'd share a Zach moment.  He's five and a half now, and a pretty cool little man. 

Tonight when I was waiting for him to fall asleep I had a pretty huge case of the hiccups.  Zach, lying beside me, asked me if I wanted a little "Weiki."  I said "Please!" and he put his skinny tanned little arm out, his hand hovering over my chest.  Instantly I felt a warmth in my throat and my hiccups were gone.  Gone as in I had no more after he put his hand out.  I looked over, and he moved his hands together in a prayer position but a few inches apart, as if he were holding a delicate butterfly in the space.  His eyes were closed, and he asked if this was weiki, too.  I said yes.  And he laid there like that for a little longer before opening his eyes and giving me a dreamy little smile. 

God I love him!


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