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Phone Readings and Parties

Sara offers her sessions over the phone on M/Th/Friday and with office readings on Th/Fri and most Saturdays and by special request. The messages relayed are exactly the same if you're face to face or long distance, so the choice is really up to you! Pets aren't allowed in the room but if she can connect with your loved ones in heaven she can connect with them remotely, too! She is also available for small groups for people vacationing in the Mount Washington Valley or its surrounding areas. FMI and to coordinate your event please contact Sara directly at 


Office Readings


Office sessions are held at 45 Washington Street in the big white building.  Please park out front or streetside and as you look at the building you'll see the Debit One offices to the right and the middle door to the building is to the left.  Go down the hallway and take the stairs on the right.  There are a few steps up and you'll see the glass door for Enlightened Horizons at the landing.  Once you go through the door there are two more sets of stairs for a combined total of about 20 steps from your car to the comfy couch.  If you get lost please send a facebook message or email to and she'll help you.

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