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Animal Communication and Reiki for Animals

When Sara communicates with animals they tend to relax and enjoy the experience, which includes receiving Reiki, which is simply a part of all sessions with Sara. All animals, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, birds and even bats enjoy Reiki! To get started you'll be asked your pets name, what kind and color and if they're living or deceased. Because they come through as pure energy they feel the same if they're living or on the other side, so the reason she asks if they're alive helps her frame her questions appropriately. You'd be amazed how many times a pet other than the one you want to hear from shows up! If that happens, you'll be given enough information to validate which one it is. Then Sara asks, either out loud or in her head, what they have to say. She receives their answers in pictures and sees them the same way you'd see what you had for dinner last night. As an emapth she also feels physically in her body what they are feeling in theirs. This is also true when she reads people, which made life interesting during her time working at a physical therapy center! Questions can be super specific or you can just check in and see what your pet has to say. Many animals have very strong feelings about their beds, food, snacks, owners, other pets, collars, end of life care and how they'd like to be memorialized. As much as the reading may start with questions about the animal, be open to what you receive. More often than not the reading ends up being more about the human and how the animal came into your life to teach you something about yourself! Animals mirror us and we can learn a lot from them if we're open to it!


Many pets who have come from shelters have survived traumatic experiences, and Sara can give you insight as to what they have gone through as well as what will make them more comfortable and trusting of people and other animals. When an animal is in pain, Sara can feel the area of the body that is affected, which can help you work with your veterinarian to diagnose a problem. Reiki and animal communication should never be a substitute for licensed veterinary care but is a wonderful complement to it.


Sara does a lot of "negotiating" for owners who are hoping to change a pets behavior, overcome a fear or be more successful in the show ring and home. Sometimes it's a simple as the dog earning an ice cream after winning a ribbon or you telling them they're safely in their forever home. During a reading you can ask anything you want and the dialog between Sara and your pet can produce some truly amazing outcomes. Probably the silliest reading was for a dog who barked incessantly while in the car. I asked the dog why they were doing it and they responded that they were a superhero and wanted to world to know they were on the job. Disclaimer: At this point Sara thought she would be looking for a new career as she relayed this to the owner. When the owner said that they had to stop and it was not an option, Sara told the dog that they were actually an undercover agent and their barking was blowing their mission. Both Sara and the owner were beyond skeptical that this would work, but a week later the owner reported that in the car the dog was completely silent on every drive thereafter. Sounds crazy but if it works, roll with it!


In a reading you can ask anything you want about multiple animals and even yourself. While doing readings Sara has her eyes closed and is connected to the animals energy, so its not necessary for them to be present. Using a combination of Reiki and psychic insight, readings can be done for anyone or any animal anywhere in the world. Click here to book your session.

This picture was taken at Camp Lucy, an event held at Camp Robin Hood in Freedom, NH. Skylar, the Golden, asked to have her picture taken with her owner, Sue. She knew it would be her last visit to Camp and the images they sent as a result of the reading are heartwarming and amazing.

Reiki and Animal Communication for Horses

Reiki for horses is often used in conjunction with traditional veterinary and chiropractic care. Sara is able to speak for the horse, who may offer insight as to how to decrease stress when in a trailer, how the rider could be better positioned, how to adjust its shoes to feel more comfortable and even what kind of food it prefers. Horses are very intelligent and can be very proactive in their overall well being. Readings can be done in person or long distance. For the most affordable option, book a day of readings at your barn and combine it with an Animal Communication workshop with Sara.

Giving Back to Non Profits and the Animals

Sara is often on the road offering Animal Communication sessions throughout New England and has partnered with many non profits to help raise funds. At events held at these locations, 20% of revenue is donated back to support the organization. Click on each to see all the wonderful things they do!


Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Lucky Pup Rescue, Assistance Canine Training Services (A.C.T.S)., NHSPCA, Devins Farm Horse Rescue (MSPCA).

"Kelly is a retired hunting/puppy mill dog. For the most part she seemed thrilled to just be living indoors with us, but had issues with men in general and my adult son in particular. After seeing Sara, I tried all of the things that she suggested. Kelly is much more likely now to approach people, and is much better with my son. Sara described, through Kelly, many things in my home that Sara would have no way of knowing. She also confirmed my fears that Kelly's puppies were taken away from her sooner than they should have been. Sara gave Kelly the voice to express her sadness over this. Since seeing Sara, Kelly is much more content and settled in our home. I think she now realizes that she is with us for good. I would highly recommend Sara as an animal communicator, especially with a pet that has a history prior to living in your own home. Time and patience helps, but having an idea what your pet went through before can give such important insight. Don't hesitate!" Virginia K. February 2010

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