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What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a way for you to connect with spirits on the other side, gain a broader perspective on what is going on in your life, and receive insight into ways to live your life more authentically. Sara channels energy (like in the movie Ghost or the Long Island Medium), communicates with Angels, spirit guides and deceased animals and pets. To do this she "taps in" to their energy and you can ask a wide range of questions or simply be open to what comes through. To get the most out of your reading its helpful to have a list of questions or areas in your life that you'd like insight on, but sometimes your guides will make sure you do get the information you NEED to hear first! A reading is like a street sign, reminding you of where you are and giving insight into what will best serve your soul on its journey. This means that you're the bus driver in your life but a reading is a great way to find your bearings and head in the right direction. During your call be open to what flows and be ready to record it or take notes!


A reading is not a replacement for medical care, psychological counseling and does not come with a guaranteed outcome. We have free will, which allows us to experience a life full of choices that will constantly alter our path. It is like going down a road with many side streets. You might hear what it could be like if you take street A, B or C, but what you do with the information is entirely up to you. Sara does not give "doom and gloom" readings and is ethical in all of her interactions.


You must be 18 to receive a reading. If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by your parent or guardian unless they give permission, in writing in advance, indicating that they give permission for you to attend your session.

Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Hypnotist, Reiki Master

As a hypnotist, Reiki master and psychic medium Sara has many ways to help you gain insight into the past, present and future. In a reading you can ask about any area of your life (including past lives), people who are in your life, soul purpose, living and deceased people and animals and much more! Have you ever wondered why you have a certain phobia or why some people interact with you a certain way? It may be tied to a past life and Sara can guide you through the interpretation as well as release attachments to help you life with awareness and fully present. She also is available to help people connect with recently deceased loved ones to help you find closure and peace with their transition.

Sample Questions

What should I be aware of with this new job?


Is there anything you can tell me about the person I'm interested in?


I want to move. If I tell you three states or towns, tell me what you get.


Would this dog fit well with my family?


My spouse passed away three years ago. Can you help me communicate with them?


My child has been freaking out in her room at night. What can I do to help them?


Why am I afraid of heights? Is it tied to a past life?


My cats been missing for two weeks. Are they alive and what should I do to help find them?


My health has been declining and doctors are stumped. What do I need to know?


I just feel lost. How can I feel more connected to life and myself?


I'm going through a break up and want to know how I can make the divorce as easy as possible.


Why do I have a love/hate relationship with my coworker?


Is my pet ready to cross?


My sister passed away recently and I want to know if she's ok with the way we're handling arrangements.


Obviously these are just a few examples to get you thinking and you can ask anything you'd like!


Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Why do we say that? Because we have to for insurance purposes. Sara has been in this field for over 13 years, which is a testament to her true psychic abilities.

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