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You Can Get There From Here

You know what I love?  The Facebook on this day app that lets you know if you posted anything on Facebook a year ago that day. I find it fascinating to see what I was up to and how my wanderings have led me to here.  Actually, they weren't all wanderings.  Most of the stuff I'm seeing lately was very strategic and shows my business launching and evolving.  I started really getting into Reiki when I was still working at Cranmore, then left there to be a tech at a physcial therapy center and then stepped off that cliff and have been doing this as a career for the past six or seven years.  I think.  Math isn't my strong suit, but thanks to FB I'm being validated that I really  have been a real Psychic for about that long!

Where did it start?  Well, first I did Reiki for animals at Telling Tails in Fryeburg and for friends.  I did the dog show in Scarborough when Z was about three, then went to a show in Union, ME, then was a regular at Pet LIfe stores doing mini readings on weekends.  During this time I started doing reiki for people out of Taylor Chiropractic and expanded into hypnosis, which I think made the owners uncomfortabe and ended my time there.  LOL!  That has happened a few times actually...  The hypnosis training really turned on or perhaps just reinforced my psychic abilities, so my career shifted to more of that than energy work. 

When I inquired about doing psychic readings out of Leapin' LIzards in Portland the owner Melissa said they didn't have any openings but that I should come for an interview in case something opened up.  The interview was me doing an hour long reading for her while she furiously jotted lots of notes.  My father told me I should have at least done some research on her so I'd know a little about her but that totally defeats what I do!  I don't know anything and the messages come out unfiltered.  She offered me a job on the spot and I started the next week.  It was my first "real" gig where people came in looking for readings.

I taught workshops and did readings at the Animal Refuge League of greater Portland, the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, tried to work at our local shelter but it wasn't well received, have been featured on Good Day Maine, 94.9 HOM, Frank FM, at lots of dog events all over New England and I write the Furry Words column for Downeast Dog Magazine, All Things Maine and 406 Bark out of Montana.  I've read people in New Zeland, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Spain, France, Belguim, England and all over the United States over the phone and via Skype.  I ended up leaving the safety of Leapin' LIzards a few years ago and had an office on Portland and then two years ago opened one in beautiful North Conway.  I now focus on readings out of that office and over the phone, with parties and fundraisers for non profits taking up the majority of my time.  I have three dog events that I continue to do so I can see my dog friends and honor the people who helped me launch.  Pretty amazing, isn't it? 

So yes, you can get there from here!  When is the last time you looked back and realized all that you have accomplished over the past year or longer?  You might be surprised at how far you've come!  I think that we all need a reminder to celebrate our successes and a reminder that even the challenges will eventually turn into a success one way or another.  I do believe that life works with perfection; we may not  like it as it's unfolding.  Good news:  You have free will and the power to change your direction.  Line yourself up to live the life you want!  When you're ready, take the first step.  Then take another.  Enjoy the view.  Laugh at the ridiculousness of it.  Cry when you're sad or overwhelmed.  Sleep when you're tired.  Revaluate if you're miserable.  Find friends or family who support you.  If necessary, shift your persepctive so you can enjoy your adventures.  Once you find your groove notice how things start happening easily and go for it! 

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