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You Believe in Heaven?!

I have to say a few things about this.  I'm always surprised when I say something about "Heaven" and my religious friends or random clients who have some preconcieved notion of what a psychic believes says, "Wait, you believe in Heaven?!"  Yes I do.  Do I think everyone in heaven is floating above the clouds wearing flowing white robes?  No.  Some do.  But not all.

When I do a reading and I connnect with or channel an energy on the other side, to me, they are often in heaven.  Some are in a space between, in which case I help the Angels guide them the rest of the way over if they're ready.  Some earth bound spirits may just need to realize they can go home and I open the light and show them the people waiting to see them.  But where do they GO?  I call it heaven, the universe, the other side, home.

I try to explain heaven a few ways.  First, it's all around us.  It's another dimension where they can choose to be around us and check in, or they can spend time doing work on their soul or enjoying the afterlife.  Some people chose to keep a physcial body and others, like my mom, show up looking very ethereal surrounded by white light.  I always know it's her, but she dosn't show up looking like the woman I knew just before she died.  Second, you can compare it to looking through a waterfall or how on hot days you can see the fuzzy layer above hot pavement.  It vibrates faster than here on earth.  I have been lucky enough to easily figure out how to hear and see them on the different speed setting.  I can also teach you how to do that, too.  We're all energy and we all vibrate at slightly different frequencies. 

So, yes.  I'm a psychic and I believe in Heaven.  When I'm reading someone, I see their version of heaven.  If you believe in the pearly gates, I see them when your loved ones come to chat.  If you think they're animals now, I see whatever animal they've picked.  I'm just the messenger and during a reading my beliefs don't really come up unless I'm told to share something that may help your journey. 

I do have to chuckle, because my mom believed in psychics and it wasn't a strange thing to discuss in my house.  My son doesn't just believe in God and angels, he SEES and FEELS them.  And he's never been to church (other than for a funeral and friends first communion).  Dont' think that because I'm a psychic I'm not teaching him about similar things.  He knows that God and our guides are available to all of us, and that they are stronger than us and we can always call on them to help our lights shine vibrantly.

I think that's enough for now.  I could talk about this stuff all day!

Lots of love,


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