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Woofminster 2011

Today I was at Woofminster, a fundraiser for the Planet Dog Foundation, at Camp Ketcha in Scarborough, ME.  What a super cool event!  It was the first time it's rained for it but the indoor hall we used was amazing.  I met a dog named Gracie who is a love and I bet when she sees snow she's going to go ballistic!  In a good way.  She's being fostered by Camp Bow Wow in Portland and I hope she finds a loving home asap. I am grateful for all the people I've met over the past few years and that they are stong enough and willing to help these beautiful animals! 


Now I'd like to get on my soap box for a minute.  Flexi leads.  Those leashes with the button so you can let out line or take it in.  There's a time and a place for those.  A public dog event is NOT the place.  When your dog enters a room 20' before you do, you have put your dog and all the dogs that are also up to 20' ahead of you at risk.  It's not cute when the dog gets tangled around tables and chairs because you're not paying attention.  It's also not cute when a dog that may not be as "sweet" as yours gets a face full of a dog that is uninvited.  And it's pretty stinking stressful for me when I can FEEL a dog that is about to snap.  It's a scary feeling of wanting to puke from my chest.  I don't like it.  And it can often be avoided. 

We all have different personalities, as do dogs.  I can very easily be an "in your face" person, but I like to think that I can read a person or situation and know how I should approach it.  It doesn't mean that I do the right thing, and there have been times when I've had my face chewed off.  Quite deservedly so, I must add.  I'd like to add one more thing about the flexi leads.  If you've ever had a really bad rope burn from them, I think you'll agree.  No matter how safe they appear, there is that underlying fear that they're going to rub you the wrong way.  And you never know when that moment is, because it's typically when you let your guard down.  Lupine and Yellow Snow Dogs both are great companies with less chance for mauling and rope burn from owner ignorance.  If you're a flexi lead user, check them out!

Hope I didn't offend anyone with this.  It honeslty wasn't directed at anyone specifice!  This time...

till next time,


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