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Who is Your God?

Today I was on a walk down the dirt road with Sophie, my dog when I spotted a bright spray painted orange rock sticking up from the hard packed surface.  I know the plow guy painted some of them this winter to avoid trashing his plow.  But today it was a beautiful day with a strong breeze that distracted the black flies and kept only the persistent horseflies buzzing overhead.  I saw the neon orange tip of the rock and noticed a beautiful black and yellow butterfly circling around it.

My first thought was, "Who is your God?" This butterfly may have been confused into thinking that this brightly colored object somehow held the nectar it needed to survive.  Or maybe it was messing with me.  But it certainly got me thinking.  How many times have we circled around a brightly colored God, hoping it held something that would soothe our soul?  That deep ache within us that needs something, but we're not quite sure just what it is. This object has our attention and we're hoping it has the answers or the panacea we are looking for. 

This can mean so many different things for each of us.  Where do you go to find your own inner peace?  Is it self help books?  Is it the Bible?  Is it Church?  Is is a psychic?  Yah, I know that me throwing the last one out there may not be good for business, but if I've become your crutch am I really doing you any good?  What?  Calling God a crutch?  Well, let's explore that.

Why do we believe in God?  If you do, I'm sure you have your reasons.  Because we know nothing else.  Because HE will help us.  Guide us.  Save us.  Because it's nice to think there's something bigger than us.  Because our outcomes are already dictated by another's will and we aren't really responsible for our actions.  Because God is  part of our souls and we are inherently representing some part of God.  Him.  Her.  It.  GOD.  What's your reason?

Interesting.  There's so many directions this blog could go, but I'd like your feedback on it.  What do you want to know about God?  If you ask I'll tell you what I've seen in my years as a psychic.  And from the perspecitve of someone who was raised Catholic, and psychic! 

What do you want to know? 


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