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What a Weekend!

I am just getting in from an incredible weekend.  I did a few readings for people Friday night followed by a group past life regression.  I love when we go over what people experienced during a regression and they start with "I don't think I really got anything.... but I was a woman born in 1827 and I died when I was 38."  I sometimes reply with, "Sure, you might have imagined all that.  So tell me what else you may or may not have seen."  And then they report on sensations, who was around them, what the next important moment in that life was, and how they died. One of the participants even got the name of who is was back in the early 1800's.   I'm thinking they didn't make it all up in thier mind!

Saturday I was at Pet Life in South Portland.  I love the Pet Life stores!  The staff is fun, outgoing, informed and seem to enjoy what they do.  I am always welcomed and the people I meet seem genuinely interested in better understanding what thier pet is experiencing. 

Today I was in Stratham, NH, for the Paws Walk SPCA fundraiser.  The rain held off during the entire event, stopping right as I arrived and resuming as soon as my car was packed up and ready to go.  I met some wonderful people and animals!  The most rewarding part of my job is when I meet someone and have a message for them that is precisely what they need to hear.  It could be validation of something they already know but were questioning or a life message that gives them the strength to move forward.  Often it's just letting them know that animals are at peace with death and that they appreciate the gift of being able to help them when it's their time.  It's just incredible to me.

I'll end with a quick story about a dog I met today named Sam, the Golden Ghost.  He is a Golden Retriever who was missing for almost two years.  One day he came out of the woods and was returned to his owner.  Sam is amazing.  He is so close to God that I hope others have the chance to meet him.  He passed on messages to his person, and gave a book idea that focuses on an animals life on earth instead of mourning them when they're gone.  He explained why he was gone for so long, and how his absence encouraged people to work together to achieve the goal of helping animals.  He even suggested that a meditation group invite him to the center of the circle so they could feel the pure life force energy he posesses.  I am blessed to have met him and the woman who loves him.  When I'm done here I'm going to search for more on his story, because I remember hearing about it and hope that his message is spread near and far. 

To everyone I met today, thank you!!!  I look forward to hearing about your adventures.


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