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Very funny, universe....

Today has been an odd day.  I was at Dock Dogs in Scarborough, Maine and will be back there tomorrow.  You may have seen it on TV; dogs lauch themselves of a long dock into a pool.  It's amazing and it was fun to be surrounded by high energy dogs and happy (mostly) people. 

Here's the odd stuff.  My friend Kathy helps me out, and I began my day with a few message from my mom that she relayed.  Apaprently my dead mother likes to chat with my good friends and I do periodically get little hellos from her.  Today they seemed a little cryptic but the first one was "Keep moving forward."  Fair enough.

I had a very slow day and only chatted with a handful of dogs.  One wanted a Bruins collar, another said it would walk up the stairs if it could be rewarded with McDonalds french fries and another wants to be adopted by a family with a Vans wearing skateboarding teenage boy.  You know, the usual stuff I see.  It was time to go so I drove Kathy to her car wayyyyyy out in vendor parking.  (I had driven in to pick up my stuff)  I pulled out and started to leave, but saw she had forgotten a bag.  I backed up to tell her and was startled when I HIT the car behind me.  Oh wait, it gets better.....

A younger man was driving and his father was in the passenger seat.  We pulled over to exchange all the paperwork, called the police (I always want to say that PO lice) and blah blah blah.  Ready for this?  They live in my home town of Littleton, MA.  They know where my mom got hit and killed, knew all about the story and how the driver didn't see her because of the suns glare.  Then we talked about another incident in my life when I was attacked as a teenager on a path while walking home from highschool.  A name of a possible suspect came up because of some stuff they had been through.  I have to say, this is just too weird for me NOT to call the hometown POlice to find out if they ever looked into this guy.  I told them if they just gave the missing link to solve an attack 25 years unsolved, I'll be writing a book and they're in it.

What I haven't told you is that while I was rumaging through my glovebox to find my paperwork I found a prayer card from my mothers funeral.  Had no idea it was in there and I'm not quite sure why it was.  And then I started thinking.... Huh.... My first message of the day was to keep moving forward.  And here I was, trying to remember how much my deductible was because I hit someone while going backwards.  Thanks Ma.  Point taken.  Perhaps I've been ignoring the subtle nudging she's been giving up to now. 

I'll let you know if we close the case and if there are any more lessons learned from today!


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