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When you are living your life in the way that best resonates with or serves your soul's purpose, things start clicking.  Let me tell you, I've been pushing rope uphill for years, as my friend Jimmy would say.  It has been clear to me that I'm supposed to be doing energy work, combining my ability to do psychic readings with the animals and their humans.  I love teaching and I think I make this "vodoo" stuff less creepy and I teach everyone that it's all available to them if they want it.  Maybe they can't seem to get the messages the way that I do, but I want to tell the world that we're all worthy of abundance, of love, of success, of God or whomever it is you talk to when you are about to take a test or need to get somewhere on time.  That higher power that exists around and within all of us. 

It's very funny to me that I'm telling you about love and abundance.  I'm only finally starting to understand that I, too, am worthy of that.  And now that I'm following my heart and surrounding myself with fantastic like minded people doors are opening.  Literally!  I am opening an office in Portland with Kathleen Stone, a kick ass psychic and healer, and in North Conway with Chelsea Latham, one of the most amazing women I've ever met.  (Chelsea, I'm not just saying that to see if you actually read my blogs.)  I have a biweekly radio gig with Sandra and Teddy on WHOM.  And it's FUN!  I love going to work these days!

What I'm also learning is that I definitely asked for all of this and totally put it out to the universe that I'm ready.  I did a ceremony of sorts to honor those who have come into my life, but to let some of them go to make room for what I want and to allow us all to live our journeys independently.  They served a purpose, some huge and some seemingly insignificant.   A  week later a friend of mine did an angel healing on me and I got to process a huge amount of stuff and beliefs that I've buried under layers of fat this summer.  Right after that session is when things picked up steam and I've been holding on tight and enjoying the ride ever since.

The day I said yes to jumping and opening offices and hiring Ellen, I began to see huge signs of validation that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.  I've crammed 6 months worth of work into two weeks, but it feels great!  A year ago I would have frozen in my tracks and gone right back to my comfort zone of running to the edge of the cliff and hitting the brakes.  That was something I got really good at but not once have I thought to do that since letting go of my old self.

Old Sara was a lot of fun.   New Sara is a lot of fun but is really looking forward to stability, abundance, vacations, play, visibility, organic produce if I feel like it because I have enough money to fuel myself with good food.  And because I know I'm worthy of it.  As I sit  here typing that my ears are going a bit wonky.  That's usually my sign that someone is around me, and I can tell instantly it's my great grandfather.  For some reason he likes to show up.  He worked at a Navy yard I believe, and for a while the room where I put the hope chest he made my grandmother would smell like tobacco smoke.  That was when I wasn't making the best business decisions.  It was like he was trying to get me to see the door that would open this all up to me, but I wasn't ready.

I'm being validated that I'm headed in the right direction.  Which is funny, since I get lost even with a gps.  Even happened last night when I took 95 South instead of North.  But I trusted that I would get where I needed and it was ok.  So I ask you to take a look at your life.  Where are you?  Are you happy?  What do you want to do?  What do you LOVE to do?  What's stopping you?  Fear?  That can freeze a lot of us in our tracks.  Trust that you're divinely guided to do what your heart craves and longs for.  It is possible.  And it feels wonderful. 

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