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Ty the Mustang

So I was talking to this horse.  Seriously.  Today.  In the cold rain.  While he stared at me.  I posted about Ty a while back.  He is one of the mustangs that came from a government funded round up.  I met him just after I had first heard such things even existed, and it's taken me many months to go back and check in with him.  When I first met him, he was nervous, sad and not quite committed to living.  The images he showed me of the round up were horrifying, and he told me about watching other horses get injured and die.  His owner, Jill, rescued him from someone who was letting him starve and rot away in a field.  So his life hadn't gotten any better after he was "saved" from the wild until he met her. 

Fast forward to today.  Ty is a gorgeous brown mustang with a mane that has highlights many women would pay top dollar to have.  He still eyes people with suspicion but there is love and happiness in his deep brown eyes.  Jill is able to touch him, to brush him, and to be near him while he's in his stall.  This is a huge improvement!  She asked me to come by to help figure out why he reacted to one of her grandsons by running away ever time he got close to the fence.  Her grandson is only four and he has a special connection to her other two horses, so it's odd that Ty would have such a profound fear of him.  Are you ready for what I got?

Ty used to be a man.  He was a Native American out west, who had a wife and a son who was her grandsons age in the image I saw.  I could see the mom standing with the son while the husband stood closer to a horse.  The man wasn't the nicest man and there was no love for the wife, and non given back to him.  He didn't want to be near them, actually, and he would take off on his horse for days at a time, and when he returned they were all asleep so he could tolerate  them. That is the short and sweet of it.  I didn't go further to find out where he went when he left his family- it was 34 degrees out and pouring, so I just stuck with the basics although it was quite fascinating to me. 

I asked Ty why he came back as a horse and he said because he sort of needed a crash course on experiencing all different emotions and situations in this lifetime.  He got love as a wild horse, saw the true bowels of humanity in how he was treated during the roundup and afterwards, has found love and has the opportunity to mend a past life relationship with his son.  If he choses to.  (For those of you I've already lost with this one, his son is now his grandson. And the horse used to be a man.)  He also gets to see what it's like to be treated with respect and kindness, somthing that as a man he didn't experience as either a giver or a receiver.

I wanted him to come closer so I could put my hands on him, but when I asked him to he clearly said no.  His  body language said that he was thinking about it though.  I asked him what he wanted.  He said for his story to be told.  On a National Geographic level; it's a huge story, and it's happening here.  The Mount Washington Valley that I live in seems to need a good energy boost, which this story would provide.  The story would spread out like a ripple from a pebble tossed into a still pond.  So I asked him how do we get it out there?  Ty said that I should spend a day a week sitting quietly and listening to him, journaling what he has to say.  Now here's the thing.  When an animal gives a story or a business idea, it's not mine.  Its the owners.  I typically forget all the details anyway; my minds way of allowing new information to have space to flow.  He repeated it.  So I told Jill, and I felt completely awkward because he was asking me to be the one to tell his story.

I hate journaling.  Hates not a nice word, but I hate it when I'm told to do it.  It reminds me of having to do homework.  When I teach Reiki, I encourage the participants to journal their epxeriences as they practice.  I never have.  I guess I use this blog and facebook posts as a form of journaling.... Ok.  I guess I don't HATE it but the thought of having to do it once a week because I was told to makes me hit the brakes.  But then he explained to me why.  Ty has a story to tell that trancends time and space.  It is the story of a man, who wasn't loving or caring, who avoided his family.  It is the story of a soul who wants to experience what that felt like, and then set the scene to do it again in a different way.  Ty can give details about his life as a wild mustang and his brand will allow Jill (see how I handed her homework, too?) to trace it back to validate them.  So it's an interesting concept and a horse is willing to tell me the tale.  How can you pass up an opportunity like that????

For those of you who think this whole thing is nuts I'm glad you read to here.  It means perhaps you believe that there is truth in at least one word here, and it may tempt you to open your mind a bit.  Go for it!  If nothing else it makes life quite interesting when you look at it from my perspective! 

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