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True Love

Today I had the coolest hypnosis session ever!   A couple who've been married for over 30 years came in for past life regressions.  I can do a group past life regression, but when I do it's not as personalized because you don't really talk out loud and I just guide you through the process. It's not until the end that I find out what you experienced.  Originally they had been scheduled so I could do one after the other, but when they sat down I thought, why not mix it up a bit and try a new approach?  I'm so glad I did because it was amazing.

I asked what they wanted to get out of it and they both said they wanted to know if they knew each other in past lives.  Perfect.  I asked if there were any big themes, fears or patterns that they'd like a little more information on.  The wife said she has always felt guilty and didn't really know where it stemmed from.  This is the stuff that gets me so excited, because now as your hypnosis tour guide I have a mission!  I counted them from 1 to 5 into a peaceful hypnotic state.

I asked them to focus on their favorite place, and helped really open up their subconscious mind.  I began with the husband and asked his wife to remain in her happy place while I talked with him.   I took him through one past life which was in the orient somewhere and  he married his wife.  She was there to teach him the importance of family and that they are there to take care of each other.  Then he went back to his happy place and it was his wifes turn.  She stepped into a life back in the 1700's and she was caring for a house full of very ill people.  She couldn't help them and she didn't know what else to do.  This was the root of her guilt!  We released that guilt and replaced it with the knowledge that she did everything in her power to help them, and that was all she could do.  Goodbye guilt!  Yes, it really can be that simple!

Back to her husband.  He was with her again, and my favorite part is when I asked him what she thought of him, he said, "Not much!"  In that  life she was there to teach him humility.  The kids that they had together grew up and moved on, and at the end of that segment he knew he had had a good life.  They had a good life, that is!  Back to his wife, and she was a Native American.  She was younger and the man brought for her to marry was once again her husband in this life.  They grew old together and learned how to comfort one another, care for one another, and it was very safe.  The soul lesson was understanding the importance of family.

When I ended the session I asked them what it felt like to be listening to what the other was saying while under hypnosis.   The wife said when her husband described seeing her in the past lives she just felt total love wash over her, and that her heart felt so full!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  How cool is that?!  They have had love in many lives, and they are working together to really understand their lessons. So much so that they came in for a reading and hypnosis, which really just validated what they already knew!  That gives me hope for true love!   And lifetimes of it! 

There are so many reasons people come to me to explore their past lives.  Today was the first time that two people who were so in love wanted to know where it began.  Sure it's neat to help you figure out why someone irritates you in this life, but this one was really special.  I didn't realize it until the end that one of them had been married before, but the minute they looked at each others eyes they knew they were meant to be.  Isn't that a lovely thought?  Maybe true love does exist.....

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