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Thoughts While Gardening

I used to have an absolutely kick ass garden!  Everything in it was HUGE and happy and bountiful.  That was about eight years ago, before my son was born.  Getting divorced, trying to survive and raise a boy definitely took away from my gardening time.  Which is funny, actually, because playing in the dirt is probably exactly what I needed to help me heal and get stronger!  So yesterday I planted my garden.  I did it barefoot, because it seems counter productive to me to wear shoes when you know they're going to get dirty anyway, and I garden without gloves on my hands.  I always have.  I LOVE digging in the dirt!  I forgot how much work it is...  Maybe it's just because I'm older now?  Who knows.  But I loved it and I'd like to share some of my thoughts yesterday while gardening.

As I planted my basil next to my tomatoes:  It's a damn shame you can't plant mozzerella, too. 

Fucking horseflies.  They're worse than black flies.  I have the swollen body parts to prove it.

I would garden naked if I could.  Or at least wearing a lot less clothing, but I think for the good of the neighborhood and to avoid a really bad burn on parts of my body I'll continue to cover up.  For now.

Deet ruins pedicures.  BUT I don't really mind having an excuse to get another one.  I love them.

As I planted seeds:  I don't need to mark those; I'll totally remember what's there.  Nope.  Already forgot.

Huh.  My horsefly bites must do what botox does.  I can't really move that hand and it is so puffy it's smooth.  Upcountry botox?  Very funny to me!

Why the hell won't the hose work?  Well, brace yourself for this one.  The sprayer thing was working, then slowed to a trickle.  I looked at it and there was this slug like thing sticking out of one of the holes.  Huh.  Turned the water off, then back on, and out shot a very dead salamander.  I felt pretty horrible but also wondered if this has ever happened to anyone else.  Ever.  Because it was a first for me!!!!  I'm just glad the little guy flew out on his own, because I had no idea how I was going to get him out of there without touching him.  Thought after he landed on the grass?  OH!  I could use him to go fishing.  Yeah.  I'm too far north.  I know that.

And the overall thoughts as I was planting away was GROW GROW GROW!  I fill this garden with love!  And joy!  And peace! And abundance!  And LOVE!  I am grounded.  I am strong.  My garden will be a representation (for me) of how far I've come and that this is my home, and I'm surrounding myself with LIFE and beauty. 

Last thought as I walked away from the garden:  I'm totally going to stick it to the valley's ridiculously overpriced grocery stores this summer.  That felt awesome!

I'm heading out to plant the perrennials today.  I can't wait to show you how it comes out! 

Lots of love


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