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Thoughts on Death

This blog is long overdue!  I have had many conversations with people about my thoughts on death, talked to loved ones who have crossed, and answered many of your questions about what happens when a loved one (animal or person) dies.  There are some generalities that can be made, but such as in life, many of us are quite unique "over there" as well!  Here are some general thoughts on death from my perspective.

What is heaven like? 

Well, that depends.  If you are religious and picture God with angels, that's going to be what you see.  If you think you're going to have an amazing reunion with loved ones, that's what you'll get.  If you love the ocean or golfing, that will always be available to you. If you are so involved with your family, you can watch them all the time and spend time with them, although they may not be able to see you or open enough to realize that you're right there with them.  For me, heaven is like looking at really hot pavement.  Those fuzzy heat lines that rise up off of it are vibrating at a different speed than we are.  Heaven is on the other side of those fuzzy lines.  All around us, but not quite here.  Just in front of us, but it's as if we can't focus our eyes just right to see it.  I close mine to see it.  When I do that, I feel it, see it and get a movie or images in my head. 

What's animal heaven like? 

For me, it's about 7 or 8 feet off the ground and it's flat.  It's infinite but as I say that I realize there is an edge where they can look over and chat with me.  They're always up to my right and look down at me.  Some animals chose to do whatever they love over there.  Others will sit and wait for us, or watch us.  Then there are the animals who really loved being alive and they may spend most of their time in spirit or energy with us, but not in a tangible body.  Ever wonder why sometimes your living animals get spooked?  They're probably being harassed by one of your pets who has crossed.  They think this is super funny to do!  Other animals may remain on the other side and then make little visits by jumping into another animals body.  You know what I'm talking about...  those times when you think, "Holy smokes so and so used to do that exact same thing!"  Say hello to them my friends.  They are there.  They are saying hi.  Find peace in that.

What did it feel like for them to die?  Did it hurt?

There are so many different things I've heard about peoples deaths that that is a tough one to answer.  Some people (and animals) are out of their physical bodies before the soul crosses.  So to them, it's quite easy.  They can stay and watch the process of dying but most chose to go right over.  Some are in it to experience the whole kit and kaboodle.  They are herre to experience what it feels like to die.  They don't usually feel pain.  Acutally, I've never had any really FEEL pain, but they may stay in their body until it takes it's last breath.  Others are standing there behind you, watching you over your shoulder and wishing you could see or feel them there.  Others watch from the ceiling, before they float away to heaven.  So yes, they do go up but more importantly they go over.

Can they hear me?

Yup.  You can talk to them in your head, out loud or write them notes and they hear it all.  This is a great way to find closure!  If you are talking to them and you're almost hearing the dialog, that's awesome!  You're not nuts (unless a doctor says you are).  This one way to communicate with them.  Enjoy it.

I would love to talk to them but I don't want to bother them.

Um....... Really?  This is one of the few comments that makes me want to scream "SERIOUSLY????"  They're dead!!!!  They have no concept of time or space.  You're not bothering  them!  They can talk to you and millions of other people all at the same time and not be overloaded.  They have become part of your team of allies on the other side.  Go for it!  Ask them anything you want!  You want VIP parking?  Ask them for it.  You want to be able to go into the store and find something super quickly?  Ask them!  Are you struggling with finding peace?  Ask them to help! 

Will I see them again?

With animals, yes.  You will.  With people, you probably will.  Sometimes the biggest lessons we needed from them may have happened in this human lifetime.  It's always interesting to try to explain to someone who's elderly parents have both crossed that they may not be together on the other side, but it's because they were here in this life to challenge each other or help us with a certain lesson.  They may not need to hang out "over there."  But they're always at peace.

There's so much else I want to tell you!  What it's like to chat with someone who died suddenly, or committed suicide.  Or what happens when they're sort of stuck between here and there, either by choice or by accident.  And how I help them fully cross. 

I have a feeling that will all be in a book sooner than later!  If you have any questions please let me know.  If I've offended you in any way, that was no my intent.  Take what you like, toss what you don't. 

Sending you love.


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