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Thoughts on Dating

Today was sweaty hot in the Mount Washington Valley Area.  I have been craving being outside, however, so I started my day by picking up Sophie (the dog) from my ex's house and headed to Cranmore.  The mountain access road is almost 3 miles to the summit and it has little streams for the dog to drink and cool off in, plus I rarely see anyone when I'm on it.  I knew it was going to be hot and I also knew that I had the option to stop and turn around at any point since it was just me and the dog.

At first it pretty much just sucked.  The humid air made breathing a little harder anyway and as soon as the sweat started it didn't stop....  About 20 minutes into it I was thrilled to be outside!  I have been going through an interesting time in my life.  I've done a lot of reflecting over the past year and think that I'm making a lot of progress.  I'm confident with my job and am dipping my toe into the dating waters.  I have to tell you, I've found that dating as a psychic has been "interesting."  There's a few common reactions when a potential suitor asks what I do for a living and I tell them I'm a psychic.  And a hypnotist.

1.  Are you reading my mind right now?  2.  This is never going to work (I hear them thinking, oh no!  She's reading my mind) 3.  Cool.  What am I thinking? 4.  I think it's all an act.  I don't believe you. 5.  Like the 900 numbers?  Like Madame Chloe?  6.

I don't really know what number 6 is.  Only a few people seem to be intrigued by it.  Or open to it.  Ok.  I have #6.  Are you going to put a hex on me?  No.  No, I'm not.

This really isn't the direction I wanted this post to go in but I guess it's where it is for a reason.  I'm going to save the other one I meant to write for either later or tomorrow. 

Since I'm on this topic, I can see myself writing a book someday titled "How to Date a Psychic."  It's really not that hard.  Hardest part is reminding me to live in the present and not constantly checking my magic 8 ball.  Oh, and if you do lie to me, I will know.  So don't f'n lie to me.  I hate that.  It makes me think you think I'm stupid.  And I'm not.  So honesty will go a longggggggggg way!  Oh.  Another bit of advice?  Don't ask me at dinner to do a reading to "prove" myself.  It might not be what you want to hear and the last guy who asked freaked out and that was the end of that.  Lol!

And yes, I did see that one coming.    He asked.  And I didn't hold back. 

On that note.  I was so excite dto tell you about boats and hot fudge sundaes.   That will be the next post!  Stay tuned!

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