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The Voices are Talking


When I get asked the same questions over and over, it's time for me to write about them.  Here's the latest. 

"Who is this voice I hear in my head?   They talk to me, like I'm having a conversation.  Am I crazy?" 

The answer is maybe.  (Standard disclaimer applies:  seek medical assitance if necessary!) Obviously there can be something psychologically wrong, but most of the time it's the psychic voice chatting away with you.  It can be your guide, angels, God, your soul, spirits or your higher power trying to give you some insight.  Talk to them!  People think that being psychic is a very profound thing.  It comes with no crown or sash, just the ability to trust that those voices are actually there and then to be open to communicate with them. 

Do they talk differently than you?  Use different words than you usually would?  If so, thats another way to validate that you have made a connection.  Celebrate it!  Ask them questions.  Be clear in what you ask.  Be open when they start giving you answers.  Some people write them down and receive messages through automatic writing.  To do this all you have to do is clear your mind, invite light and love, and start writing whatever comes through.  Don't look at it until you're done and see what comes out.  If you're visual, ask them to show you pictures.  You won't actually "see" something like a picture in a frame blocking everythign else around you, but kind of a shadow image.  Remember that they're using energy to communicate so the approach is different for everyone.

Finally, remember that you can turn it on or off.  If you start really opening up and they're bothering you, set a time of day when you allow it to flow.  I'm lucky in that I only really get readings when I ask for them.  I can watch the news and not be harassed by the dead people unless I want to know what happened to them.  Then I've asked for it and have to be ready for some things I might not really want to see.  People always think I'm reading their minds when I walk into a room.  Can you imagine?  Holy smokes!  I'd be on sensory overload.  If I close my eyes for a few seconds THEN I'm talkign with the voices in my head.

I hope this helps some of you gain a better understanding of who these voices in your  head may be.  I do offer training both locally and over the phone if it's something you'd like to pursue. 

Lots of love!


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