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"THE" Talk

You know where I'm going with this, right?  Z will be 7 December 7th.  He's having a blast in first grade, but apparently it's got his little wheels spinning and he's been asking me some questions I'm just not prepared for.  Well, maybe I am.  I'm just not expecting them when he throws them at me. 

Recemtly he's been asking me about before he was born.  He always asks, "Was I in heaven before I was in your belly?"  Yes.  How did I get here?  Well, daddy and I loved you very much and we asked for you to come and join us.  And I was in Heaven?  Yes.  And I heard you?  Did I know Grammy Mary Ellen when I was in heaven?  Yes.  Was she there, too?  Yes.  How did I get in your belly?  You just did.  (dodged a bullet there, huh?)  And I grew in your belly?  Yes.  Why'd it take so long?  Because you had to get used to being back in a body, so you start really small and then you grow.  Then when I held you for the first time you recognized me and your body was familiar.  Huh.  DId I come out through your belly button? Um. Kind of. No need to go into details, right?  At this point I was pretty much praying to every single angel asking them to help me out here. 

So, can I have a baby?  No.  I want one.  Nope.  Can you still have babies?  Yes.  I want one.  Nope.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?  Z, we're at such a fun time where you're old enough that we can go skiing, swimmng and hiking and play and do all kinds of things together.  Babies change all that.  Moooooooom, they just sleep eat and poop.  True.  Kid has a point there. Hey Z.  You want to get a kitten sometime?  YEAH!

I was chuckling at this the other day because just like when kids ask about death, we freeze and then we may give too much info that has nothing to do with what they really want to know.  Short and sweet.  Let them answer the questions for themselves and just be a guide for them. 

I'm off for a hike! Because I only have one kid and I can.  Life is good!




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