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The Law of Attraction


I have been on a book spree lately, which is silly because there's a lot of other things I should be putting my money into.  At the moment I have the Everything Guide to Law of Attraction, The Secret (I'm embarassed to admit I've never read it), You Are Psychic (hey, even a psychic could use some new tricks) and the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents on my coffee table.  Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  If not, look it up.  If you have, dust off what you know.  It's POWERFUL.  And it's easy.  I have just been reminded this week to practice what I preach and have spent many hours outlining what I want, acknowledging how it will feel to achieve what I set out to do and creating a map to get there.  In the past I think I was lacking the map. 

I love maps.  I love the way they feel, all the contour lines and how they can fold up into a tiny litte rectangles.  But I have never been very good at following them.  In fact, when I used to hike I'd often get harassed because I'd have to hold it up, face it the wrong way and justify that in doing so could figure out where I was headed.  My personal growth and success map is much simpler.  And it's amazing to me how many little things I can do each day to advance me on my way! 

My food for thought for today.  With the Law of Attraction you get back what you put out.  What do you want?  Be very specific in clear in your desire, and then find a way to get there.  Let go of old thoughts that are no longer serving you and that are blocking your forward progress.  Life is ours to enjoy, so go out and make great things happen!


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