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The Grass is Always Greener

Yesterday I was doing dishes (I don't use my dishwasher for some reason) and I was looking at my leaf covered lawn.  I have a lot of converstaions in my head, and I heard "The grass is always greener."  And I thought to myself, "Is it?"  This turned into quite a chat, let me tell ya!

Yes.  The grass may be greener in someone elses yard, but did they have to BUY that grass?  Do they USE the grass?  Do they ENJOY the grass?  Sometimes those really green lawns are a lot of maintenance.  And if you're not enjoying it or using it, is it really worth it?  It is if you care what the neighbors think. 

I have an environmental degree, so I debated the pros and cons of an unkept lawn.  No fertilizer = less toxic, less eutrification in surrounding streams and ponds, etc.  Bad lawn = more ants, skunks and moles. 

Happy heart + bad lawn = there is hope! 

I did rake some of my leaves yesterday and will finish the rest Monday.  It has to be done, and it's very satisfying to me when I look back and I can see the "grass."  I can tell you that no one on my road has ever looked at my lawn and said "the grass it greener over at Sara's!"  Nope.  Maybe next summer I'll get some good soil and spread some grass seeds.  But if I do, and when it's all grown and freshly mowed, I'm going to play on every inch of that grass. 

I have gorgotten what my point was or if I even have one.  Soon there will be snow on the grass and this whole phrase will be obsolete until it thaws.  After rereading this, I do have a thought to end with.  How green is your grass?  Do you enjoy it, or do you just like to have it.  Just because.  How can you begin to enjoy your grass? 

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