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Shooting Stars

I had told Z how the other night I saw a shooting star.  He was at his dads, and when I got home after dinner with friends I laid on my deck and saw a shooting star.  He said how he wanted to see to see one too.   So tonight we went to our friends house, swam and ate dinner.  We got home riduciulously late (my boy is usually in bed by 7 or 7:30pm and it was closer to 10) but the sky was so gorgeous we took out a blanket and a pillow and stretched out under the stars.  We immediately saw one of the biggest shooting stars I've ever seen.  It was HUGE and it shot all the way across the sky.  Z saw it  as well and we made our wishes.  I'm mature enough to know that you keep your wish a secret, but he blurted out "I ASKED FOR A MOTORCYCLE!!!" 

We stayed out for another 20 mintues, and I saw another shooting star while he was busy trying to get comfortable on my belly.  I was feeling a little greedy and wanted to see just one more, so I asked him who we could to help us out to send us another.  He askeed Gramps.  Then we asked Grammy Mary Ellen.  And our Angels.  When we asked them ne he said, "Hang on, let me see if I can close my eyes and see them, too."  After about a minute of silence I asked if he did and he said yes, he could feel them around.  The we asked a few more people to send us shooting stars and went off to bed. 

What a night.  I love the sky.  I love that when we feel completely overwhelmed we can lay there and realize we're really quite tiny in the big picuture.  We can contribute a lot, but we're still just a small part in a much grander play.  I love that I got to share this with my son, and that he appreciated it for what it was.  I'm also hoping when he wakes up he's not bummed there's no motorcycle in the driveway!  I am hoping for many more nights under shooting stars.  And I'm hoping that both of my wishes come true! 

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