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I was grumpy today and I hated it.  I think that the week of rain is finally getting to me.  I miss the sun, but I know that when it does come out, even for a minute, my grass is going to explode in a technicolor display that will be quite awesome.  Today I think I also felt the impact of the collective grief for the young boy whose body was found in Berwick, Maine.  No one knows who he is, and no one is missing him enough to speak up.  It makes my heart ache, literally, when I think of it. I am struggling with how this could happen and just feel so sad that it did.

On the flip side, I have been holding my boy Zach a little bit tighter.  Little bit?  That's an understatement.  Quite often we have a dance party in the kitchen after dinner.  We flip through the radio until we get a good crazy song, and we rock out.  Two nights ago, we stopped on Willie Nelson singing "You are always on my mind" (that may not be the title, but you get the point).  I picked him up, had him draped with his head over my left shoulder, his skinny little chicken arms around my neck and his legs dangling with his feet almost reaching my knees.  Since he was little he's completely melted into me when it's a slow song and I love it!!  

Tonight we rocked out with our guitars- wooden spoons- and ended on some 80's rock station.  Sure, Motley Crue singing "girls, girls, girls" may not have been the most appropriate song but it sure was fun!  After the bath I read him the book Are You My Mother and laid with him until he fell asleep.  Sleep came a little later than usual because he farted more than I thought possible from such a little body! He was so thoroughly entertained by his rumbly belly and exploding butt (very popular word in our house these days) that I couldn't help but laugh with him.  He is a silly, loving little man that I love with every cell in my body. Tonight his dark brown eyes were so full of life that it was almost as if I could see his soul deep inside of him.   

Sure, we battle it out sometimes, but thank God there's more good and fun than frustration in our life.  After he fell asleep I took a shower with the intent of washing away whatever was left of my grumpies.  I'm feeling much better, and even sharing my night with you has brought me back to my happy place- so thank you!

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