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Rich in Love

Lately my son Z has been obsessed with mansions.  He points them out to me, he wants to live in one, and asks me why we don't have one.  Today we were driving by the library and he said, "Can you imagine what it would be like to live in there if there were no books and it was a house?  Well, with maybe some books, but not all.  It would be a MANSION.  And awesome!"

I have to say I've always thought it would be cool to be locked into a library or huge store overnight.  But not because I wanted to live there.  As I type that now it actually sounds creepy.  Huh.  When I was a kid it didn't.  I must be getting old.

You know how else I know I'm getting old?  My response to him.

"We don't need a mansion.  We are rich with love."

Screw that!!!!  my mom used to tell me that all the time.  I am my mom!  When did that happen???  I heard it come out of my mouth, almost drove off the road because I HATED hearing her say that to me.  So I tried to save myself a little and followed it up with,

"We have all the things we need right now.  Someday, we'll live in a dream house, but for now, out house is absolutely perfect."

And it really is.  Three bedroom, two full bath, almost two acres of land (about half of it covered with trees), a garden that I resurrected this spring, and flowers that have just been planted.  It's on a quiet dirt road with quiet neighbors.  Well, there's been some sketchy neighbor issues in the past, but at the moment things feel peaceful and safe.  I'm putting it out to the universe to keep it that way.... 

I like where we live.  I am beginning to imagine the house with new carpeting upstairs and a hard wood floor with pretty rugs downstairs.  I can see the deck getting stained and possibly moved to the back or side of the house where we'd have more privacy and shade and be able to enjoy it in the heat of the summer.  I can see new couches to replace the stale blue ones we bought twelve years ago.  They're holding up well, but it's nice to imagine new ones.  I would also love to have a dishwasher.  The one I have is older than me I believe.  It's loud and ineffective, so I don't use it.  I'll love saying goodbye to it!

Finally, my yard looks amazing in my future.  Right now I don't think you could really refer to it as a lawn.  It has some grass, lots of ant holes, those skinny gangly dandilions that are really pretty right now but towring over the rest of the surface, which is moss and dirt.  Pretty, huh?  I think that is on my to do list for next summer.  It will inspire me to bust my butt to afford the topsoil.  I'll add a sprinkler to my list of wishes, because everyone loves running through sprinklers on plush green grass, right?  And birdhouses.  I'm really not a bird house kind of woman, but I'd like them to eat the bugs.  So I'll put some of those up, too.

Whew!  I thinkl that's enough for now.  I should probably get back to work so that I can make all these dreams come true!  I should tell you that two weeks ago Z was standing with his back to the sliding glass doors and had a zoned out look.  I asked him what he was thinking of and he said "From here our house does look like a mansion."  I love that kid......

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