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Releasing Pain to Move Forward

A few weeks ago I posted on facebook how a lot of our physical pain is a manifestation of an underlying emotional cause, and it generated a lot of comments and questions.  I am finally taking the time to respond and am going to try to explain what I was talking about and how you can heal and move forward.

I have a lot of clients come and say, "My knees are killing me.  Can you take away the pain?"  "My hips are always out of alignment and the pain is so bad i can't move sometimes.  Can you fix me?"  "I have had plantar fasciatis (pain in the arch of the foot) and I can't even walk!  No one's been able to make it better so I'm here because I'm out of options."  The last one is classic.  I'm often peoples last resort, which makes me chuckle.

Lets talk about a few things.  When you come to me and say "Can you fix it/take away the pain?"  My answer is I'm not a doctor but reiki inherently helps promote healing and the flow of energy.  I am a hypnotist and can guide you through a release of underlying causes, past life regression or pain management session, but WHY are you in pain?  Well my knees hurt.  Right.  I get that.  Why?  I strained it when I was out walking the dog.  Or, I have no idea, one day it just started hurting and they think I may have a tear in there.  Ok.  So what are you afraid of going through?  What?  What is preventing you from moving forward.  My knee.  Smartass.  Thats not what I'm asking.  Why are you stuck?  What do you mean?  Tell me about an area in your life you feel stuck, like you don't have options (or any that are viable), that you have lost your power or ability to make changes, or which decisions are you facing that scare the heck out of you? 

Responses to that question vary, obviously.  Some examples are being in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship, I hate my job and want to quit but can't (never true, by the way), I have no money to do anything, I want to move but I'm so totally freaked out by the highter payment, my car is dead and I don't have the money to fix it (talk about really stuck), every time I try to do something someone tells me I'll never make it, etc.

See where I'm going here?  If you are afraid to move forward you become stuck.  The universe is very gracious in helping you on your way, and if you get fixated on being stuck it just gives you the tools to BE stuck.  If you get yourself really stuck you may find the car breaks down.  Ugh.  It makes me miserable just thinking about it.  So how do you get unstuck?  That's the important part.  If you've been reading this muttering the "mmmmmhmmmmmms" and nodding your head in agreement, thank you!  Buckle up.  Here's the juicy part.

You have the ability to move forward in your life.  It is your gift to be able to do that.  You have energy around you hoping you chose to move in directions that will benefit your soul and help you evolve and flourish.  If you've been suffering with sore joints, chronic pain or injuries here's where I want you to begin.  Chose to be healthy.  Say it out loud.  I'm moving forward.  I'm going to live my life vibrantly, in great health with a healthy strong body.  You can word it however you'd like, but there is a rule.  No negatives.  "I don't want to be sick" is a negative.  "I don't want to hurt any more."  Is a negative.  The universe doesn't understand negatives and all it hears are the big words like "sick" and "hurt."  Things you really dont' want to throw out there, right?  Stick with the words that describe how you want to feel.

Great.  So you've jumped on your couch (unless your knee was really bad) did the Tom Cruise move and screamed "I'm healthy and strong and chose to live my life in a body that moves easily and the way it was designed to function!"  I'm chuckling because that must've looked silly but felt really good.  Now we get to figure out where this all started.  We have energy centers called Chakras, that start at your pelvis and go to the top of your head.  LIttle spinning pinwheels of energy.  These chakras also hold memories and emotions.  The ones that were created when you were conceived and in utero are stored in your lower pelvis.  If you have issues with your tailbone or pelvis, ask what happened way back then.  It may be that your mother was afraid to be pregnant because she didn't know if she could be an effective mother.  Bang.  You have a memory that may prevent you from moving forward because on some cellular level that is a belief that you just don't have the tools to do so.  If you were a child and didn't have enough food or you heard your parents talking about being low on food, that could be stored in your belly.  Why does your belly hurt or why are you overweight regardless of what you eat?  Could be tied to that.  When you were 14 and your first love cheated on you and stabbed you in the back, it hurt.  Why do you have chronic shoulder pain?  Hm.  Interesting, huh?  When your mom died and it broke your heart maybe that memory got stored there, locked away only to resurface as heartburn later.

So how do we fix those knees and hips?  I know.  I wandered.  But I want you to see how these things are all interconnected.  Go back, ask what your memory or belief is that is preventing you from moving forward.  If you  have a grown up reason that feels legitimate, see if you can go all the way back to when that issue really started.  If you felt like a failure at jobs when you were younger and don't want to go through that pain again, wouldn't it be helpful for you to avoid work when you're an adult because your knees just won't let you try.  Woah.  The next thing I'd suggest is for you to call on help from your guides, angels, God or whomever you connect with.  Give me the strength to live the way nature intended and with the ability to do what resonates with my soul and my truths.  Allow me to step into my true self and live my life in a way that is good and right for me.  Make something up.  Keep it positive.  When I ask things of the universe I'm typically nervous that I'm going to accidentally screw up my request, so I go broad with my reqeusts.  Instead of saying, Angels, give me x amount of money to pay off my credit card and make my car payment I say  "Angels, Thank you for providing me with the flow of money to do what I need and want."  Amen sistah.  Keep it simple.

Now start moving.  Do something to help you reclaim your ability to move.  Someone once told me when you pray you should shuffle your feet.  Very true.  It's great to ask for help, and it's really wise to start putting in the effort.  Going back to the beginning, yeah, I can probably take away your pain using hypnosis or reiki but I want you to have some invesment in your success, too.  If you need surgery, what is preventing you?  Money is a legit concern.  So ask for the money to show up so you can get it done.  This may come in the form of job opportunities, gifts, discounts, etc.  Say thank you and get things lined up.  If you have hip pain, I'd really encourage you to use some energy work to release whatever it is you're holding on to.  Crystal bowl healing, reiki, hypnosis and past life regression are all great tools.  Yoga is as well.  Or even just a meditation cd to help you let go.  You don't need to dig it all up again, just be willing to let it go.  Move forward.  Breathe.  If you have just one leg that hurts, or if your  hip flexor hurts, you probably have one foot moving forward but part of you is resting that forward movement.  Which part?  Can you chat with that part?  Ask them what the fear is and are they ready to let it go?  Is there an other part that can help ease the fear? 

I think that's enough for you to chew on for now!  I hope it also makes sense on some level.  If you have questions or comments feel free to respond.  I'm all for a dialog about this stuff because it fascinates me!  May you move forward easily and with love and peace surrounding you.



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