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Good morning!

Every morning my son says that I'm lucky because he has to go to work (school) and I get to do whatever I want.  Hm.  Interesting.  First of all, I've paid my dues in school.  I went through all of grade school, graduated high school, went to UNH and graduated with an environmental degree with a minor in resource economics.  AND I paid for half of the college and all of my books and living expenses.  So I think I've earned the right to tell him that he really shouldn't push the issue.  I've had jobs since 5th grade, starting with babysitting, working at the LIttleton Apothecary, I've run pretty much all apsects of the UNH field house rec sports department, run pools, fitness centers, been on senior management and programs. 

Now I get to be a psychic and a hpynotist, a Reiki master and a mother.  All very much "REAL" jobs.  So today when my son sits in class and learns how to be an 8 year old I will start my day with a phone reading.  I will follow it with a trip to the dump, I will mow the lawn, weed my flower garden and possibly go through some bills.  Nah.  The bills have piled up and they're hiding the table cloth that needs to be washed, so I think I'll leave them there for today.  I have to go to the post office and get a new dog tag for Sophie. 

When I'm done with that I'll pick him up and watch his baseball game, then come home and cook him dinner, get him showered and then put him to bed.  I'll probably go to bed at the same time.  Would I go back to being an 8 year old?  NEVER.  Why?  Because I have no desire to relive my childhood, thank you very much!  I am grateful I'll never be an awkward and sometimes angry teen, or have to go through the ritual events like confimation or prom, or even graduation.  My memories of those are enough for this lifetime.  I guess I still have the option to go through the dating scene, but for today I'm going to just put my head down and get my hands so deep in the dirt that my nails will be black for days. 

What's that?  Oh, it's time for me to start getting Z ready for school?  Thank god I get to be a grown up and do whatever I want, huh?  Ya right.....But I wouldn't change it for the world.

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