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Ramping Up

Many of the readings I've been doing lately are for people who've felt like they should be doing something but don't really know just what that something is.  Some feel like they're in a holding pattern or more tired than usual, others feel like they're sort of vibrating but there's no explanation for it and more than a handful have no idea what made them call me because they're skeptics but they "had" to do a session with me.  I can't say I've made the time enlighten myself to what other people's views are on this interesting phenomenon, but I can share with you what keeps being presented to me. My disclaimer is I encourage free thought and hope this just gets you thinking, not panicked.  If I thought you'd all run from your computers screaming "We're never gonna make it!" I would have deleted this first paragraph and gone to bed.

First of all, is the world ending soon?  I'm saying no.  But is is shifting.  And its been happening and those of us with that feeling I just described are kind of prepping for it.  I've met people who have very specific roles as this shift happens.  What do I mean by that?  Well, you're reading this blog post, and if you've been a skeptic about all this psychic stuff or energy work you're a perfect example.  If you're raising a child who sees ghosts or talks about the other side with no hesitation you're part of this dynamic shift.  From what I'm being shown, the veil between the other side and us is just thinning.  Will it erupt with a huge bang and send us all into oblivion?  I don't think so.  If I thought the world was going to end I'd be a mess because I have a six year old and I can't bear to think of that scenario.  I'm ok with things gently opening, however, and feel very much a part of the process.  It seems to be speeding up but I'm still comfortable with the pace at which its happening.

Second, I'd like to talk about the ancient or old ones that keep showing up.  These are people who were around at the dawn of time.  I did a past life regression on a woman last Monday who described two lives in detail, then the third life took her back to Atlantis, when the countries were formed and our landscape was outlined and defined.  When I asked her if she had any family back then her response was, "We are all family.  We live and die as one, as a community."  The question itself wasn't clear to her because although they were individuals they were woven into one fabric, all dependent on each other.  That was the first time in a past life regression that I remember being able to speak directly to an ancient one, although I'd sensed them through psychic readings before.  The next day I did a party for a group of women, and one was very clearly a counterpart to the ancient one I'd just met.  She is here to help people with the shift that is happening, and she is very much at peace with whatever lies ahead for us all.  What that means exactly is not clear to me but I'm being fed miniscule tidbits, probably just enough so my rational mind can handle it!

Then on Wednesday I did readings for two more remarkable women.  Again, powerful messages came through and because they had a similar themeI was open to the messages.  Everything is connected and it's not coincidence these people all came to me for readings when they did.  During theirs I got to go to the beginning of time.  It was totally black, sort of the middle of the universe.  Or the outskirts of the universe now that I think of it.  It was a time before God as we know it.  I channeled energy from a level I've never been, and it was powerful but extremely peaceful.  There were millions of little lights that started swirling, just like the milky way.  As they slowly began to pulse and move, they created a vacuum.  From the vacuum came thought, and life, and the tangible world we inhabit.  Then from that thought came God, which has given us a symbol that represents love and all knowing.  (In theory, I guess, depending on your religious upbringing!  That's a whole other post, so just let that thought go if it hangs you up.)

Yesterday at a Dock Dogs event a woman came up to ask me questions about her old black lab, who is an old soul, just like her.  I close my eyes when I do readings, so she could walk by me today and the only thing that would anchor her my memory is how vibrantly green her eyes were.  When I do a higher level reading my eyes flutter and I'm just a conduit, so I was barely present myself as I spoke to her.  She was told that it is time for her to tap into her ancient power.  It is time for her to remember what she knows, to guide others when the time comes.  That is when I hit the brakes for a moment. Here I was, sitting at a dog event with hundreds of people around me and I'm telling this woman things that she was clearly not expecting. She was open to it, thank goodness (or God?)!  I am realizing that it's time for people to have little reminders that the time for a conscious awakening or shift is now.  They are a part of it.  You are a part of it.

These are the things that I've been presented with lately.  I want to end with a very funny comment a friend of mine made last night when a few of us were talking about this end of the world stuff.  He said, "Hey, Dick Clark died, and he always rang in the new year.  Maybe it does symbolize the end of life as we know it and he's going to ring in this ending people are talking about."  We all laughed pretty hard, then got a bit freaked out.  But it's food for thought, isn't it? 

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