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Putting Myself Out There

Hello All!


     I have to just acknowledge that recently I have done a few things that make me think, "WOW I just put myself out there!"  I've always been the type of person who decides to do something, does it, then realizes that maybe there were some details I should have taken into account before hand.  One of my moments came last week when I responded to a post on facebook about a dog who had gone missing.  I felt very connected to him when I saw his picture, so I checked in with him and posted my thoughts.  I knew he was still alive, that he was cold (which didn't take a psychic, but I still felt it so I said it), and I offered a very specific area that I would look for him as well as some other details. 


      What I didn't think about before I hit the Post button was that I didn't know any of the people related to this missing dog and that some people may think I was crazy.  Now being called crazy is nothing new to me...  I have friends who think I'm nuts and who look embarassed when I tell people what I do for a living.  These are the same friends, however,  who call me when they are hurt and ask for reiki or ask for a reading when they want to know what thier pet is thinking.  This missing dog situation is slightly different because I am giving people hope that this missing canine is still alive.  On Thursday I said that I felt it would be found in 5 days, alive and in reasonably good condition.  Only time will tell if I'm right, but I'd say I put myself out there with my comments!


     This is only one example of what I've been doing lately, but each time I say what I feel I do it with the knowledge that I am offering something that is bigger than me.  I trust that I am saying the right thing at the right time, and remind others that things always work out with perfection.  When a woman searching for the dog called to ask me which trail to take, I let her know whichever one she goes down will be the right one.  This is true with our lives and our daily choices.   Trust that it is going according to the plan, and that putting yourself out there is some times just a part of it.



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