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Two weeks ago I got the crud that has been going around.  It started with the chills, then my skin hurt (if you've had it you know exactly what I'm talking about), my body then purged itself, then it progressed to an annoying cough before settling into my sinuses.  After 10 days I was on antibiotics and two weeks later I'm still dragging a bit. 

While I was laying in bed wishing I had someone to bring me a cold facecloth and maybe some soup I figured since my body was dumping things out it was a good time to do some active purging on my part, too.  I started with my phone and cleaned out all the old numbers.  Some were from old friends, past loves or love interests, old business contacts and a few people who've crossed over.  Except for my friend Pete, who died a few years ago.  I just like seeing his name in my phone and I felt the need to keep him.  I definitely culled the list pretty well!

Why the heck hadn't I done this sooner?  I don't  know.  Because maybe I was hoping some of them would call me?  Or because they represented a part of my life that is now my history?  I have no idea.  Because I had never taken the time is probably the most honest answer.  I know I've come a long way from even five years ago.  Getting sick and being forced to rest has been exceptionally frustrating for me, but I did my best to honor what my body was asking me to do.

I'm looking at this fresh start as an opportunity to get stronger, healthier, happier and to make space for the people I want in my life.  I'm chuckling because I don't really have a list of those people, but I do have the qualitites I want to surround myself with.  Honorability, joy, faith and faithfulness, respect, loving, generous, playful, wise.  Grounded.  Inspiried.  Healthy.  Active.  Motivated.  Fun. 

I'm hoping  you have been healthy and crud free!  Even if you have I'd recommend purging your contacts.  It feels really good! 

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