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Psychic Development


So many times people say that they wish they could do what I do.  My answer is always you can, if you learn how to turn off your filter (otherwise known as ego) and use your senses to recognized the messages that are being tossed your way.  For example, when you suddenly get covered in goosebummps there is probably energy around you.  If your ears get clogged and feel like you're going down a huge mountain and then clear up just as quickly as it started you should wonder who was trying to get your attention.  For me, I get a tickle in my ears that makes me want to stick my finger in to scratch my brain.  If I had known all this before my guess is I would have been a "real" psychic much earlier in my life! 

I got talk about my jobt at a career day at Kennett Middle School a few weeks ago.  It was a blast!  I promised the principal that I would stay away from things that might be considered taboo but I did talk about Reiki and animal communicating.  It worked for the middle schoolers, so I'm going to share it with you in case you want to give it a try!  Here's my basic dialog about how to get the energetic ball rolling, so to speak.

1.  Clear you space.  My mantra is "I only allow those of God's love and light into my space and into my life."  Then I imagine white light filling my body, the room and surrounding me with only light and love.  If I add the angels and ask them to come in, I simply ask the angels to arrive and protect me and keep me safe and in the light.  Simple as that.  Intent is pretty powerful, so create an intro that works for you with the intent to be energetically protected.

2.  Figure out a simple way to get a yes/no question answered.  I use my eyes for this.  In the beginning, I'd close my eyes and imagine a fuel tank.  The right was green, with a yes, the left side was red and a no.  So if you compare that to a gas tank in a car the right is green, or full, the left is red and empty.  Yes is green/right, no is left, red.  When the needle is dead  center it's a maybe.  Now when I do this my eyes simply shift to the right or left.  It's evolved to also help me figure out who I'm talking to.  My right side is someones mother's lineage, the left side means I'm chatting with or referring to their fathers side.  To practice this and set your yes no meter (hgh tech stuff here) simply close your eyes and imagine the tank.  Ask a question you know is a yes question.  Is my first name Sara.  I move the needle to the right, to yes.  My eyes also shift slightly to the right.  Not quite a wink, but a little shift.  Is my name Zachary?  Nope.  Needle floats to the left, to red, to no.  Is it Wednesday?  Yes.  Move right.  Is it Saturday?  No.  Move left.  Am I married?  No.  Move to the left.  Is my puppy named Karma?  Yes.  To the right.  You get my point?  Go through about 10 yes no questions or as many as you need to kind of feel it click.  Then play the game.  Ask a question that you can validate, but that you don't know the answer to.  You can do this with a friend or coworker.  You can do it with a deck of cards.  Is that a red card?  yes, no.  Or, resest your meter to red is to the left, black is to the right.  As I type that I want the red to the right, black to the left.  So there's another rule.  Do whatever works for you!!!!!  I will not be taking out a red pen and critiquing you.  Make it up as you go along and use what works for YOU.

Other ways to get a yes/no are by using a pendulum or muscle testing.  You can look up "dowsing" and get lots of information.  I like that I can be at the grocery store and ask if an ear of corn is the right one and simply close my eyes for the length of time it takes me to blink and know I'm walking out of there with a tasty ear of corn.  It even saves time since I don't have to shuck it to peek at the kernels.  Lol!  It's true.  How silly is that?

3.  Figure out what you want to ask.  I use the 20 question game to get to answers when I'm struggling.  If I get the goosebumps, I ask if it's a man or woman.  I just adjust my yes/no meter to do this.  Man to the left, woman to the right with my eyes.  Is it their mother?  grandmother?  great grandmother?  Are they related?  Are they dead?  I like to ask to see an image in my head of what they look like, or something to validate that I have the person my client is referring to.  I may smell their perfume, see clothing, hats, food, a room, chair, facial expression, or my body may feel funky.  If my chest gets super tight I assume they had a heart attack.  If I feel warmth spreading over an area of my body, it's typically blood.  I might see the scene unfold in my head.  The way we can receive varies so much for each of us, so be open to whatever you get!

4.  Ask what you need to know or what they want to tell you.  Be open to what you get. 

5.  Close up the energy, both theirs and yours, and repeat your opening mantra.  Then, if you got anything, high five yourself.  Pretty cool, huh?! 

This is just a super basic way you can practice.  I teach this all the time and can do phone sessions or work with you in person to help you develop your own psychic gifts.  Enjoy and let me know if it works!

Lots of love,


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