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Protecting your energy and space

Hi Everyone!

I have no idea if I've blogged about this before, but it's been coming up so much it's worthy of another post even if I did.  People ask me all the time how they can keep negative people and energy away, or how to clear a space that feels like it has "dark" energy in it.  I also have a lot of animals lately, in todays case a sweet golden retriever who is quite spiritual, ask me to tell the owner how to protect their energy.  Take this or leave it, I'm not preaching to you but invite you to try it.  Even the skeptics!

Here's one way I protect my energy.  First, I close my eyes.  Unless I'm driving.  Then I keep them open.  Then I take a deep breath in, breathing from the sky and through the top of my head.  I envision white light coming in through my head, flowing down through my body and out my feet. When I exhale, I imagine it swirling around in my belly.  This first breath reminds me to remain grounded, clears my energy and begins the process of protecting my energy.  The next few breaths I continue to breathe in from the top of my head, and with each exhale that white light, warmth or coccoon of protective energy gets more and more "thick" and expands from my core encompassing my whole body.  This is the bubble I like to be in when I'm around people who either suck my energy or bother me, or when I'm going in to chat with dead people.  Ghosts, spirits, call them whatever you like.  Whenever I do a reading, I do this exercise.  When I feel creeped out I also do this exercise.

When Zach was born, I would do this and include him in my bubble, even if he was in daycare and I was driving away.  If he was in his crib I could imagine a line of white or silver light connecting us, each of us in our bubble but safe and protected.  When he got older I taught him how to white light his belly.  This morning I tried to describe how it looks in my mind to a client.  Z is hooked on scooby doo right now (which has always scared me, still does a little) and in one of the scenes one of the stoned (ya, that's right, I think those guys were all stoned) characters got zapped.  The guy zapping him threw a beam of light at him, and his body was surrounded by the white light with zig zaggy edges, but completely encompassing him.  Take that image and make it happy.  Imagine your dog is afraid of thunder, and you're at work.  You can go to the bathroom if you need a quiet place, close your eyes, imagine the white light/bubble around you.  Then imagine your dog in one as well.  It should be a color, texture, or space that feels good and right for you.  You can imagine a line of light connecting you.  Its like the Scoopy zapping but happy and good.  I've even had this visual show up on a map in my mind when an animal is missing and can't find its way home. 

If you want to really block out negative energy, imagine that buffer around you, then place mirrors, in your mind, facing away from you.  Then any negativing being directed at you bounces off and back to the giver.  It's quite a nice little skill to be able to send them away!  If you go into a space that feels icky, protect yourself then do a big exhale and fill the room with the positive energy and light.  You only allow what is good and everything else must go away.  You can say that out loud or in your head.

I encourage you to try this out. If you pray to God, consider asking for His protection.  Or ask the Angels to protect you.  They will!  Be aware of how your body and emotions feel as you do it.  It will get easier over time and you'll realize you are aware of a shift in how things will affect you when you're protected.  If you get a different visual or feel than what I'm suggesting, go with it! 

Here's to happy white bubbles!


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