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Protecting Children's Energy

Zach is a very intuitive child, which you know if you've read any of my other posts or have taken a workshop with me.  At my high school reunion I reconnected with a dear friend who has a 5 year old who sounds eerily similar to Zach.  She asked me what she can do to make him feel safe and the following is what I told her.  I recommend this to anyone regardless of how "open" your child is, and then find a way to allow them to explore their gifts while helping them live the fun and exciting life of a child.  This has been a huge lesson for me lately and I hope that all of you with children in your life find a nugget in here that resonates with you.

I call in protective energy to surround Zach and to keep him safe.  I often refer to this as "white lighting his belly."  When I "white light" something I breathe in from the sky, though my head. You can also breathe up from the ground; whichever feels better for you. First breath fills you with white light and you ask for protection. Next breath expands it from your belly and then surrounds you. You can visualize your child in that white coccoon with you or put him in his own. You can teach him to do it himself. Tell him to put a hand on his belly, so he can feel it. He takes the breath of white light in from the top of his head, and exhales it into his belly or out his hand and into his belly. Visualize it happening as he tries it and let him know if he cant light up his belly you can do it for him. But that even if he can't feel it he is able to do it. Tell him to call in his guardian angel or whatever he feels safe with and can relate to.  For Zach we call in the angels and Grammy Mary Ellen, who's on the other side and undoubtedly watching out for him! 

You can also do this for him while he's asleep. Actually, you can do this for him any time; even if he's far away. Close your eyes and just do it. Imagine him glowing in white and ask the angels to protect him. When Z's asleep I'll sometimes go in and put my hands out and over him. I ask the angels and god to protect him and keep him safe. And then my eyes usually get all fluttery and I just say whatever comes out, and it feels like spontaneous prayer. Which is odd and awesome at the same time.  Odd because I'm not much of a formal pray-er, but awesome because the words that come out astound me some times with their power. Sometimes I either imagine wiping the air above him or will literally "wipe" the energy around him in whatver pattern feels right. If I feel something creepy around him I push my hands at it and blow at it, and I tell it to go away, it's not allowed in my house.  There is a corner of his room that has two windows, and often I feel a thick presence behind the glass that I don't want any where near us.  If the curtains were up and the neighbors were looking in, they'd probably think I was nuts.  The image they'd see is of me with my eyes open at that point, exhaling like I was blowing out a cake loaded with candles and my hands pushing as if I expect Spider Mans webs to shoot from my palms.  Maybe they can see the white light coming out of them, who knows? 

Be sure to tell him if anything does creep him out he can tell it to go away and it has to listen to him. Have him say it to you, and then make sure it's done with power. Zach said "GO AWAY" and I felt the whoosh of energy. And then I told him I'm his enforcer, and if he does it and he doens't think it works let me know and I'll make them go away. But it's good to empower them and teach them these little tricks when they're the most open. 

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