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  • Sara Moore

Prayer for Peace

There have always been scary things happening in the world.  I'm grateful I've grown up in a safe time and country, but that could change.  Scary thought, huh?  So what can we do to help shift from fear and anger to light and love?  Intend for it to be so. 

When I imagine the people of ISIS to me they are little dots of evil or darkness among us.  We represent the light that can outshine them if we collectively turn our lights on.  How do you do that? If you pray, pray!  Call on angels, God, Dog (little humor there), or your guides or loved ones in heaven to send healing and strength to us.  Imagine a white light or light of pink or whatever color represents love surrounding you, your family, your house, your town, your city, state, country, and then the world.  You can even take it further and all the way to the universe as we know it.

Here's the imagery I get when I want to remove the dark energy. 

I start by saying "I only allow those of God's love and light into my space and into my life."  Another friend of mine says, "This space is sacred, this space is light, this space is protected only good shall entered."  Imagine blowing a bubble and having that irridescense shimmering around you. That is the bubble of light and protection you need to envelop yourself in. 

Then I imagine the earth, and I feel like I'm looking at it from outter space.  I see beams of light shooting up, like those huge flood lights aiming straight up.  Then they start to slowly move aorund until they begin to unite.  They can all unite as one, or they call all grow and merge until the entire world is lit up.  Now imagine the world taking a huge breath in, with all of the power and strength from each and every one of us, all lights combining and uniting.  As the world exhales, all of those black dots get released from this earthly plane, and sucked up (to me it looks like magnets pulling them up and away) and they get absorbed into a light so bright they disappear forever. 

Wow.  That feels really good to me! 

On my next breath or breaths, I imagine those beacons of light filling all the gaps until there is no room for darkness to exist.  And then the world is enveloped in the swirling pinks, blues, yellows peaceful hues of our protective bubble.

I ask you to try this, please, and to spread it as far and wide as you can.  I don't care if you copy and paste it or email it, or revise it and share your own version.  Thank you so much.

I send you light and love, and may you be protected and safe in your journey. 

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