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Pow Wow

Yesterdya I stopped by a Pow Wow in Ossipee, NH on my way back from MA.  I've seen the signs for them before, and always kind of wanted to stop but the whole fear of the unknown stopped me.  So silly.  Maybe it was time to embrace the unknown and go in with an open mind.  I was also going in with questions, because more than a few people have had some pretty "difficult" nights in my downstairs guest room.  Based on what I've been told and what I can piece together, there was a major pathway for the Indians between Conway Lake, which is a mile away from my house, and Portland.  There were different tribes throughout this area.  There were the indians along the river, the lake, Lovell and all over!  Mr. Tibbetts told me yesterday that when he was a boy (about 78 years ago) the Native American, Molly Ockett, lived in a cave on Jockey Cap in Fryeburg until the town kicked her out.  He said she lived there year round and scared the heck out of him and his friend when they were going for a hike.  The middle school is now named after her.

Back to the Pow Wow.  So I went with questions about my land and was told to talk to "Smiles Alot", a man who was dancing in the inner circle around a smoking fire.  He was wearing a wolf pelt complete with head that covered him from his head to his tailbone.  He had a sort shirt made out of what look liked dried reeds that rattled when he danced.  There were people covered in full regalia and others wearing simple dresses with intricate bead word.  I saw an older man sitting by a huge flat drum, and on his left was a young boy af about 7 and some other young people.  They kept the beat, controled the tempo of the dance and sang in a way that melted into my soul.  I loved it.  Smiles Alot couldn't give me much more clarity on the history of my land, but he did disappear for a minute only to return with a cup full of materials they use to smudge sacred ground.  It's a mix of lots of different herbs, flowers and plants.  It smelled great just sitting there and even better when burned.  He said for me to smudge my house and thank the ancient spirits for protecting me and my land, and to please welcome in anyone I chose to invite into my home.  Just in case they were trying to protect us and in doing so kind of spooking them into leaving. He warned me no to take a warrior pose and demand that they leave.  That just wouldn't work....   Worth a shot, so I did some energy cleaning and thanking and acknowledging.  The house feels better, and if anyone wants to do a sleepover and test out the room let me know!

The other thing I did at the Pow Wow was to receive a healing treatement from Gary "Quiet Bear" Brooks who was offering Natural Healing and Reiki.  Now this is not something I would normally spend the little cash I have in my pocket on.  I'm just cheap and don't normally spend money on things that will benefit ME.  He brought me into a tent, closed the curtain door behind me and I sat back in a chair that was covered in a comfortable woven blanket.  I laid my head back, noticing how surreal the entire situation was.  Tthe light was coming through the faded yellow tent while  the intense sound of the drums and chanting continued just outside the door.  Quiet Bear worked on me for more about 10 minutes, and I instantly felt much clearer and grounded.  The energy pulsed through my hands and feet, and the connection to the earth was profound during the treatment.  Aftwards we chatted and he shared some knowledge with me that I will carry with me and that will make me a better healer.  I thanked him for his gift and we were quite entertained to learn we live only a town away from each other. 

I am glad that I jerked the wheel and tried something new yesterday.  I won't be the one chuckling as I drive by the signs any more; I'll be the one encouraging more people to check them out!  There is a lot of history that we've read in books, and if you're anything like me almost completely forgotten.  These events are living lessons and I hope to see you at the next one!  Thanks for reading through to the end and I'll leave you with this.  There is sacred ground all around us.  Take a minute to stand on it, barefoot and connect to it.  Do this with a breath or an image.  Be aware of any sensations you have.  The earth can help us heal, individually and as a world.  Take a moment to help affect the changes we need to bring a greater good to all. 

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