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Playing House

Have you ever caught yourself being a grown up?  For some reason it just hit me. I'm a grown up, and for a second there I totally felt like I was just playing house.  I opened the cabinets to find some Annie's mac and cheese, and realized all this stuff is mine.  If I want to make cookies I have the ingredients to do so.  I have a son.  We have a house, pets, and a car.  That I pay for.  Like a grown up.  What the heck???  When did all this happen?

Today is a marker day.  My mom died 12 years ago today, and a I type this it was pretty much the exact time of day that I came home to the voicemail saying there'd been an accident.  So it marks a time in my life.  The day my mom died.  That's a biggie. 

I just put the mac and cheese in the boiling water and told Z I loved him more than anything.  He's 7 and a half and I got the obligatory, "Uh huh" reply.  I asked him if he knew how much I loved him.  He said yes.  I think he does, because I tell him all the time. 

Now I'm the mom.  I do the mom things.  Pretty cool and so surreal at the same time. 

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