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     Have you ever been in a situation that you are frustrated by and just can't understand how things could be going so wrong?  Take a step back and change your perspective.  When I was going through a divorce, my core cirlce of friends disappeared.  These were people whom I loved dearly, that I would travel with for weeks at a time and that I am lucky l to have known.  As it was happening my husband and I were hurt and resentful that we were "ditched" and unsupported.  Taking a step back, and with the knowing that I did in fact come out the other end relatively unscathed, I am grateful for this.  Had they not distanced themselves from us, sides would have been chosen and the divorce could have been difficult and messy.  Instead, it was 100% between only us and almost four years later still we remain friendly.

   Many of us can relate to being in a work situation that is unsatisfying yet pays the bills.  We are comfortable in knowing that it is there for us and that we can easily do the jobs we are assigned.  However, what happens when the higher ups feel you aren't doing as well as you think you are?  Do you get frustrated and slowly begin to realize you are trading your desire for doing what you love for "security?"  What if you looked at this in a different light.  What if you acknowledged that what you were doing wasn't your true passion but you were anchored in fear.  If you were never uncomfortable, you would never take the steps to move forward and grow.   Thank the universe for pushing you to find something that makes you happy and honors your souls purpose.   


    Today I encourage you to change your perspective and know that the universe works with perfection. 

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