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Pennies from Heaven


Have you heard the expression Pennies from Heaven?  It refers to people finding pennies left for them from someone on the other side as an unspoken "hello."  Recently I've met a lot of people who are lucky to be receiving little hellos from loved ones, but they often dismiss or discount the signs. 

Yesterday a woman was asking about her dog that has been gone for 8 years.  I said that he leaves yellow pencils around for her.  She said she just figured they had been left lying around by the kids, but that she had just found one on the middle of her bath mat that morning....

Another woman came to me for answers about her cat, who had belonged to her father until his passing three months earlier.  Her father seemed very excited to have the opportunity to talk to her through me, and I explained that he knocks down garden tools like rakes to say hello.  She didn't seem to think he had, so I described her garage and where they were.  She grabbed my arm and said, "This morning as I was trying to back out of the garage a rake fell off the wall and I had to get out of my car and move it before I could back out!"  Hello dad.....

One woman I met gets quarters from  her grandmother and finds them all over the house.  I myself have had periods where change would magically appear overnight.  One morning there were pennies in front of the toilet and other days there'd be change scattered on the floor.  The Christmas after my mom died I was baking cookies, using her old recipe cards.  The lights in the kitchen kept burning out and I was quickly going through my stash of back up light bulbs.  Finally I said, in a rather frustrated and loud tone, "ALRIGHT MOM!  Please find another way to say hi!" and it stopped.  I'd rather find money!  (hey mom, that's a hint if you're watching)

People who have passed often want to say hello.  Keep your eyes open and if you think they're reaching out to you, say hello and take comfort knowing that they are alright and they still love you.


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