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Past lives and then some

Hello all!


I have been enjoying winter and have actually had time to go out and ski and play in the snow this year.  I have also been busy with appearances at the Kennel Shops and local rescue organizations, which is always fun.  This weekend was exceptionally rewarding for me because I presented two workshops on how to communicate with animals and now there are 22 people who are more aware of thier ability to connect with animals.  


A few weeks ago I did a past life regression at a party for 6 people.  I could tell that some of them were nervous and before I began I asked who had any experience with hypnosis. One woman had, and she mentioned that using it she had met her spirit guide Linda. This concept was new to the group but after a short explaination that we all have guides that help us on our journey through life they wanted to know how she knew her name was Linda.  She said she just did.  This baffled them.  Just knowing it wasn't enough of an explaniation, they wanted to know HOW she knew.  


We could have spent the entire night trying to convice them she did in fact, JUST KNOW, but instead I offered to give them the opportunity to meet thier guides before we went into the past life regression.  They all agreed to and through hypnosis I took them to a sacred place (each persons is unique) and they got to sit face to face with thier guide.  I had them start by looking at thier feet, and then up into thier eyes if they wanted to.  Then I invited the guides to accompany them into the past life experience if they wanted to attend.  I then led them through a past life regression, allowing them to see who they were, what time period they lived, how or when they died, and to see if they recognized anyone from that life in this current life.  And I asked them to let go of any attachments they may  have to that life that are not useful in their time on earth now.


When I brought them back to full consciousness, they were amazed at what had happened.  They all had vivid descriptions of what had happened to them during this exercise.  Some had such clarity they were able to tell me at what age they died, what they did and described thier surroundings in fine detail.  Others got little glimpses, but enough to learn what they were supposed to from being a part of the session.  And one was conviced that her mind had made up all the stuff she had just seen, which included a pretty intense description of her spirit guide.  The best part was, when I asked them how they knew what they were telling me, they all said "We just KNOW!" 


At the end, everyone agreed it wasn't scary or strange, and that they can't really describe how they knew the information, but that they just did.  I encouraged them to embrace the experience and to be open to similar opportunities in the future.  As for me, it's a rewarding thing to see people transform and become a little more aware when I meet them on thier lifes journey. 





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