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This life is filled with opportunities.  I do believe that we chose to come to life here on earth to learn and for our soul to evolve.  Which is why a lot of times we feel like this life isn't fair or fun.  It's because it's not always supposed to!  What happens when two people meet and are here to teach each other a lesson?  Well, you both get to learn from it.  How one person reacts affects the other.  This is where that scoundrel, FREE WILL comes into play.  Free will can really screw with everything. 

Sure, you may be interviewing at the absolutely perfect job for you but the interviewer decides not to give it to you.  Your path has instantly shifted.  You are going to buy that absolutely perfect car, but your spouse says no way.  Dammit!  Free will has messed it up!  You are totally smitten with someone and you realize this is an opportunity for both of you to shift your patterns but DAMN, one of you goes back to the old way of doing things and that's the end of that.

Why the heck does this happen?  I'm not really sure, and since it drives me nuts probably as much as you I can only explain it this way.  Sometimes you're the "affector" and sometimes you're the "affectee."  When I gave those examples, I'm sure the first thing you thought about were how others have done that to you.  Have you ever thought how you've impacted someone elses life?  You should.  I'm not saying this so that you can find judgement, but because this whole life is a huge dance and what one person does affects another, and then another, and another, etc.

Ultimately you will get the opportunity to learn the lessons you came here for.  I said the opportunity.  I didn't say that you would actually GET them.  Lol!  That's up to you to figure out!  I feel pretty good that I'm paying attention, still falling down here and there but more often than not lately I've been chosing to do things that are moving me forward in my evolution or souls development. 

I have no idea if this blog post makes any sense to you.  If it doesn't, let me know and I'll gladly take the time to explain what I'm really trying to say!


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