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One Year Out

It's almost 5:30pm on a Friday and I'm sitting in a quiet house.  I don't have anywhere to be, I have no one to take care of other than me.  Z is with his dad and it's my time to regroup.  I don't have to drive anywhere or talk to anyone.  If I don't want to.  It's strange.  And peaceful.

This has been a big week for me.  Zach loves his bunk beds and I now get to sleep alone again, with him in his fantastic room.  It's been a long time coming!  Two years ago I worked at a job where I would pick  Z up from Grammy Lanes, Z's adopted Grandmother, at 7:30pm.  He'd have been fed so we'd come in and go right up to bed.  He was in my bed because I was too tired to argue it and it was the only time I got to spend with him.  That was not how I envisioned raising him.  And then he got bigger, and sharing a bed with him wasn't quite relaxing.  He is a flailer when he sleeps.  The kid can throw an elbow like nobodys business and you never know when it's coming. 

I look at my life now.  It's been one year to the day (HOLY COW I just realized that!!!) since leaving that job.  I have time to watch him grow and explore and live.  And I'm a part of it.  We've gone to the ocean, done dinners with friends, gone skiing, sledding, swimming and had pancakes for breakfast.  I'm so grateful for all the things that have affected this path that I'm on.  Without being miserable at "That Job" I wouldn't have been pushed to find my own happiness.  And I'm loving it!  So tonight I guess I'm going to try to enjoy the quiet.  And not work.  Or stare at the computer.  I am going to sit in Z's top bunk for a little bit because his room is wayyyyyyyyyyy cooler than mine now. 

Isn't it interesting that the one quiet night I have is the anniversary date of my freedom.  I'm so glad I took the time to write this or I never would have noticed.  Cheers to that!


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