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On Being Grateful

Hello all!


     I met with a good friend last week and want to share some of it with you.  I am enjoying having the time to devote to my new adventures and have proud moments, scared moments and others when I remind myself that everthing will be alright if I trust in what I know is right. I was wondering why some pieces haven't fallen into place when I have done all I can to become successful.  My friend asked me if I practiced gratitude, then he reminded me how important it is to be grateful for what we do have.


     This has always been a challenge for me.  I get so busy trying to make things happen, and often get frustrated when I fall short or don't get the outcome I was hoping for.  This week I have begun my conscious effort of being grateful.  After my meeting, I began a journal to record what I am grateful for.  My first entry began with "I am grateful for......"  and I misspelled grateful!  It was a poingnant reminder to me that this is indeed an area I need to work on!  I have been journaling for 5 days now, and thank goodness have been able to spell it correctly and the exercise is already becoming a positive ritual.


     I am grateful for my beautiful, healthy and fun son, Zachary.  I am grateful for the people who are supporting me on this journey and who want to see me succeed.  I am grateful for the ability to help people and pets, and for this psychic gift that is becoming easier to use by the day.  I am grateful for the connections I have made and the success that I have.  I am also grateful for those people who tell me I'm nuts to be doing this for a living- they have inspired me to prove them wrong!  I am also grateful for the generosity of others and the ability to do the same as I am able.  I am very grateful for good  health and family.  I am grateful to have what I need.


     My list goes on, and it will every day in my journal as I work to increase my awareness of all that I am grateful for.  It is an interesting thing to put it all down on paper.  Tonight at dinner I asked Zach if he knew what grateful meant.  He replied, "Being beautiful?"  It wasn't the answer I was looking for, but in a way it is true.  I explained that it means you are thankful for all you  have and we went back and forth listing what we were thankful for.  He was thankful for chicken nuggets.  I was thankful I could provide for him. 


     I encourge you to take 5 minutes a day to realize all you have and be grateful for it.  You can turn off the radio on your ride into work and go through the list in your head., or do it as you fall asleep at night.  It has had some profound results for me already and I am grateful for that.


Take care,





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