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Ocean at Night

Last night was spectacular!  I stayed with Kathleen Stone, the woman I'm sharing an office with in Portland.  We chatted as she cooked a delicious dinner and I was reminded that my life is just so much fun right now!  Yes, there have been some really frustrating things happen lately.  My washing machine is dead.  The inside of my car door tore off after getting stuck on the rubber seal around that door frame.  My son and I have had some brutal disagreements.  But all in all, Life is Good.

After dinner we walked to the ocean, which is less than a mile from her house.  We both kicked off our shoes and RAN down chilly sand to the water.  It was low tide, and as much as this is normal behavior for me, it's not for everyone.  She ran the whole way, too and we both hiked up our pants (in my case my skirt) and just sood knee deep as waves crashed all around us.

It was awesome.  There was a mist blowing in our faces, the sound of the waved drowned out all other sounds, and we had these huge shit eating grins on our faces.  We were the only ones out there.  Maybe because it was almost 10pm?  I love going under water to release energy and to ground myself.  Last night I screamed a few things into the wind.  I let go of some things, I let the wind know I am ready for some other things, and even typing that now I just had a huge sigh of contentment. 

I do believe I have found my people again.  And a year ago I didn't even know I was missing them...  Last night just felt so perfect and safe and fun!!!! 

Ok.  That's all I have to say about that.  But just so you know, it's not too late to stick your feet in the ocean before the snow flies.  I'd highly recommend it actually!

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