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No Judgement

Today I did a really amazing reading with someone who has seen me face to face and had a phone reading before.  She asked about her dogs, and then who was around her.  You know who showed up to chat?  God.  Yup.  The big guy.  Now those of you who know me will agree that I'm not a preacher by any means, I was raised Catholic and it just didn't do it for me, and up until about 12 years ago I would have argued that the whole God thing is a great story but in my mind it was a bit of a crock.   I still believe that some formal religion is used for power and control established through fear, but today I have a different perspective on the whole thing.  And I have seen God.  He has come to people while I've done energy work on them and every now and then he shows up in a reading to have a heart to heart with someone. 

Towards the end of the reading someone else "showed up" by making my left ear ring and almost go deaf.  It was her grandfather on her fathers side, someone she said she never knew.  So why would he be around?  I told her that my great grandfather on my fathers side is the only grandfather figure I knew.  After my divorce and when I was trying to get my life back on track, I'd smell tobacco smoke in the downstairs guest room.  Which is also where the hope chest he made my grandmother is....  It was him and my psychic friends (yup, perk of the job) chatted with him he just wanted me to know he was proud and that I was on track.  He was sort of hanging out, letting me know I'm not alone and that he's here to help or support me energetically.

After telling her all that she said she had been smelling smoke, too!  See how that works?  When I have this urge to tell you something about me, it's usually because it's also about you.  She asked again why he was there and this is the part I find fascinating.  He said because he never knew her in this lifetime he got to visit her and be free of other people's views of her, her own views of herself, and simply enjoy her for who her soul really is.  Her essence.  And when he was alive he had to behave, stay clean and in his suit and uphold a certain image.  When he was energetically sitting beside her as she drove, he could feel playful and get the car dusty and be free!  She could get an ice cream and if it dripped on her shirt no one "reprimanded" her.  He enjoyed that and is just making some visits. 

So.  You may have people around you that you wouldn't expect.  They see you for the light being that you are, and not the person buried in layers of judgement or unfulfilled expectations.  They're viewing you from a no judement zone.  Pretty cool, huh?

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