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No Fear

I have a few recurring dreams.  One is about basements, which I hate and always have, and the other is about crossing water on a floating wooden bridge.  The bridge is always right on the surface of the water and there are wooden slats that you have to carefully step on.  If you're out of balance you'll fall in.  Usually when I have this dream I HATE it!  I KNOW I'm going to fall in, and I wake myself up before it happens.

Last night I was walking through my dream on an all too familiar bridge.  My son was by my side, and I was aware that I wasn't freaking out, but I was very aware that I COULD freak out at any point.  But I kept on going.  There were other people on the same maze of walkways and every time I passed them I hoped they wouldn't affect us.  They didn't. 

My life is pretty similar to my dreams, although the walkways are all of the roads I travel in life.  I am moving foward with balance.  I'm aware that I could easily step sideways and knock myself off track, but I'm chosing not to.  Fear is not the emotion that I'm going to let rule my brain.  It can be there for emergency situations with a surge of adreneline, but for the day to day life I'm going to be confident.  Safe.  Happy.  Grateful.  Blessed.  Protected.

I am going to put those creaky wooden slats back on the land, where I can get better footing.  And if I do fall off, I can simply walk to where I was trying to go.  It was pretty cool to wake up knowing that my dreams reminding me that I really am OK.

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