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My little boy....

My son Zachary will be 5 in december, and I have been giving him reiki since I knew I was pregnant with him.  He is also very intune to the universe, which can make for some interesting conversations!  Here is an example of what is my reality raising a very open little boy!


When Zach was three, he suddenly became terrified of his room, and within a few  days wouldn't go anywhere in our house alone.  Then he asked me who the scary man was on the ceiling.  I asked him to describe him, and he said he had bugs in his head and water in his mouth.  He said he came from the dump.  Zachary would suddenly stop what he was doing to look up at the kitchen ceiling, and it was obvious he was afraid. 


One day I realized I could help him, and announced we were taking "the man" back to the dump.  Zach said he didn't want the man in the car, but I said I didn't care if he rode on the car, in the car or just hung on, but he had to come with us.  When we got to the dump, everyone who lived at the dump was told to get out, and I made it clear that no one else was allowed in.  Zach was staring off into one of the buildings and said "the man" was over there.  We pictured white light in our bellys and protecting us as we drove away.


I'm sure Zach sees things I don't, nor does he have the words to desribe some of them.  What I have done is teach him how to protect himself by "white lighting his belly."  This is a basic energy work skill that everyone can do and that you can practice yourself.  Just picture or feel a warm, white light in your center that grows and spreads through your body.  As you inhale, it gets more vibrant, and as you exhale, the cocoon of energy surrounding you grows even stronger and brighter.  Try it the next time you're going into a situation where you typically feel uncomfortable or annoyed!


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