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Morning Conversations

My son likes to wake up early.  Today at 6:21am, he called to me to ask if we could get up.  I told him to wait until 6:30am.  What I failed to say is I don't want to talk until that time, either.  And so our morning conversations began.  They are never really the things I'm prepared for as my fuzzy brain regains its footing.  One day he started with "Did a giant meteor really kill the dinosaurs?" 

As I type this I can't remember what the first things he said were (or perhaps its my awesome defense mechanisms kicking in and I have simply blocked it out) but when he got into my bed at 6:30:01am he said, "Mom.  Can you imagine having a dream when you're standing out side of the house, it starts to rain, so you come inside, and you realize your body is still sleeping?  And you get to look at it?  But you've been outside of it?  That sounds so cool.  I think I'll do that tonight." 

To which I replied, "Make sure you bring your angels with you." 

He must've really been thinking about this because he carried on.  "And then, you would want to get back into your body and you'd sort of melt into it and see all the bones and organs and blood....." 

Just another regular conversation with a 7 year old at my house.  What he may not consciously realize is that some of us do travel when we sleep.  Our souls like to take little journeys and then come back in before we wake up.  I don't think they're as into the blood and guts factor of reentering as he was thought!  Ever had that feeling like you're falling and your whole body jumps and wakes you up?  I don't know if there's some medical explanation for it but I've always assumed our soul jumped the gun a bit and left before our minds and bodies were totally out.  Impatient perhaps for some nighttime adventure.

So the next time you get to sleep in, know that I'm probably trying to keep up with the questions or thoughts being fired at me by Zachary.  I'd love just one day to sleep until noon, but then my life just wouldn't be as interesting, now would it?

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