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  • Sara Moore

More Than Just a Lion

This week an American killed a beautiful lion.  He paid to have guides help him find it, then he hunted it down and killed it.  It hurts my heart and soul to think about it, and I even called him a Fucker on a friends facebook post.  I meant every single letter of the word I had directed it at him.  I got angry that someone could be that ignorant and selfish and rich to think that this is an alright hobby to have.

I spent the rest of the day heading in a downward spiral and my experiences from the moment I read that mirrored my attitude towards it.  People sucked and they all seemed to show me that.  From the condescending police dispatcher who made me feel stupid for calling for a welfare check on an older man walking unsteadily to the way my son treated me that night. 

I've given it a lot of thought and am seeing a TON of hatred being directed at this dentist.  Do we have the right to hate him for it?  Yes, I supposed.  SHOULD we hate him for it?  No.  When we put the hate out there we will simply attract more hate.  There is power in that emotion and it can trump all the light we've capable of shining.  So if you remove the hate we're sending, what can we replace it with?  Compassion.  For the Lion.  Love for his pride that is now facing an uncertain future.  Hope.  For the humans.  May we realize that simply because we have the money and power to exert our will over each other, it is not serving us well.  We are a collective.  All for one, one for all.  In theory at least; I think we have a longggggg way to go before there's a chance we'll embrace that.

Forgiveness.  Remember when Brittany Spears was busted driving her car with her baby on her lap?  So many people hated her, and I thought, "Wow.  Poor woman doesn't know any better."  So forgive him.  He is teaching us something.  It is now up to him how he steps up to the current situation and criticism and if it spawns change.  I would like to think we now know better than to hunt and kill to prove that we can, but I'm sure some people are actually listening to the whole scenario and don't understand what the big deal is.  That makes me sad.  So I'm going to suggest you also replace that anger and hate with Love.  Love the earth, yourself, your family, all the animals.  Love it enough to treat it and you well and with respect and dignity. 

If I bumped into the dentist and knew it was him that was also the hunter, how would I react?  I think I would probably simply cry.  I would cry for all that he represents, all that we still need to learn and because it only took one of him to make us this angry and it will take all of us to find the love and light to over ride that.

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