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Meeting Archangel Michael

This past week I was at the New England Home Show in Boston, MA with my friend Kathy.  I had no idea what to expect since most of my events are either animal related or at a metaphysical store where like minded people seek out my help.  This was a whole different venue, and although I didn't do a lot of readings or reiki, I had a few profound experiences.  This one I'm about to describe is so obscure if I wasn't involved I'd probably think the person relaying it was either full of you know what or crazy.  I'd like to think I'm neither, and I encourage you to take it in and be open minded to what I'm about to tell you.

I had a woman come to my booth who had had a reading done many years ago, and she sat down very excited to get a traditional psychic reading.  What transpired was nothing like either of us expected....  When I start I always ask to see a scene or image of the person that will give me a general understanding of their current situation.  I may see someone standing alone in a forest, slamming doors or going down a water ride at an amusement park.  She just felt tired, which she agreed was 100% accurate.  After that, things got interesting.

I told her I saw purple behind her and over her chest, sort of in the shape of lungs.  She said she'd been praying to Archangel Michael and he was purple.  The lungs were exactly the same shape as angel wings. I said I saw green off to the right and behind him, and she said she'd also been praying to Raphael, who was green.  The only things I know about Angels is what they show me; I've done very little research about them but like to chat with them and often see them when doing readings.  The purple got super intense until all I could see was the brilliant purple figure with white light shining behind him.  Kind of like looking at someone whose figure was blocking the sun in a way that only allowed you to see their sillhouette.  I was directed to give her some reiki, and felt her her heart get warm and the energy flow through her body.

She asked if I saw any of her guides, and I immediatly saw a little woman with mocha colored skin.  I felt the urge to put my hands to my forehead, in prayer position.  When this happens, the energy I'm sending goes to the person sitting across from me although I'm physically using my body to demonstrate what I'm passing along.  Using my ring fingers, I touched my forehead.  Then the inside of my eyebrows, along the center of my forehead.  The best part was when I put my ring finger alongside the bridge of my nose, then to the base of my nose, and then to the side of my lips.  Then I touched the hard cartilidge of my ears, then to my heart.  As I did this my heart started glowing more and more until the heat within it was super intense.  She said the ring finger corresponds to your heart, and I believe it!  After this mini healing process she mentioned she'd love to know about past lives, and then Micheal came back with a huge whoosh.

She said she always felt connected to Atlantis, which is (in theory) where life as we know it began.  Michael said that if her soul wanted to be reminded of this time and allow her to have peace with all she's lived through, that he would give her soul those memories.  I knew this didn't mean she'd see it all, but that it would be a part of her on a subconscious level.  I told her if she wanted it he would give it all to her, and that I would merely be the conduit.  She said yes.  I held my hands up in front of her and could feel the most powerful energy I've ever felt run through me, out my hands and into her.  All of a sudden I felt it stop, and realized she was blocking it.  I asked her to open the top of her head if she was ready, and it began again.  I have heard of people who speak in tongues, which is a language in itself but not one I'm familiar with.  Words that sounded like choppy sounds words without enough vowels started running through my mouth.  This was uncharted territory for me!  I coudn't let my ego step back enough for them to come out, but they were in my mind, my mouth and my eyes.  Suddenly I saw flashes of images, so quick together and so fast that I am still not sure what they were, but I could feel them flowing through her head and into the root chakra, into her lower pelvis. 

At the end, I sealed up her energy and asked her if she was ok.  She felt a little "swimmy" but fantastic.  I have never ever felt anything like that in my life!  I did what I was guided to do, and she has reported feeling wonderful ever since.  These are the times I know I'm supposed to hold on and trust that my actions are divinely guided.  I'm also very aware that a year ago I would have been the first to call someone like me a crackpot.  So I send this out there with the knowledge that it was a beautiful experience, and you can believe me or seek your own answers.  I actually encourage you to do the latter and hope you come to your own realizations of what could be guiding us from the other side. 

I am still trying to process it all and am just amazed that such a powerful thing happened in the middle of the busy New England Home Show in my 10x10 booth.  Who would have guessed, huh? 

With lots of love,


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