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The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition




: not very good

:  of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance :  ordinary, so-so

Have you taken a look at your life to see where you have settled for mediocre?  I know I've settled for it many a time, but right now, at this moment, which is really the only relevant one to me, I am shooting for much higer than moderate or mediocre.  I want more than mediocre in my career, friends, loves, finances, family, everything.

I get frustrated when I see extraordinary people settling for mediocrity.  For me to have such a profound reaction to that means it must be something within myself I also need to examine.  I hope that every one of you choses an amazing life for yourself.  We have been put here to experience much more than "not very good" but sometimes our fear, beliefs or patterns prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone and really going for it. You were put here to be extraordinary. 

Today I went with and friend to the MWV Chamber's Business to Business expo.  In the past I've had a booth, and this year I just went as a regular person hoping to make some good business connections.  My friend has just opened her own business and in just a few months she's seen growth and has had a steady stream of clients and referrals.  One of our old colleagues (who was working a booth for the company she now works FOR) told us that she's impressed we both had the balls to leave the corporate world and go of on our own.  My friend and I just sort of smiled at her with these ridiculous grins, because we are both pretty damn proud of ourselves and know that when you aim high you usually get what you need to succeed. 

I am not going to settle for mediocrity.  I want more than that.  In all ways and in all areas of my life. 

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