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Lovin' Life

Today was a great day.  Today I had the conscious thought of, "Wow.  I am exactly where I want to be right now."  That's amazing.  How many times does that happen?  Not very many.  I think we all get sucked into the flow of life and are so busy swimming or treading or drowning that we don't actually realize when things are going really well. 

I had a hypnosis client for smoking cessation first, followed by two long distance readings.  One is someone I've met along my way and if we lived closer I'd be hanging out with her and chatting about angels and the meaning of life over coffee.  I love people who are open to being active participants in life and getting the most out of it.  She's one of those people.  The second reading was about animals, but there was clearly a message for the owner as well.  So often animals are our mirrors- it just takes someone like me to point that out and help decipher what that means. 

This afternoon I got Z's bunkbeds finished, got a mattress for the top and got to watch him explore it with pure joy.  He was funny about the ladder; wasn't so sure he liked going up it and he seemed in awe of  his new found perspective of his room.  After about 20 ups and downs he said he wanted to make a sign that said he gets the top bunk, no one else.  So I climbed up and we chatted about that....  Zach doesn't like his room because he said it gives him bad dreams.  I told him I had a very special gift for him that would only let in good dreams.  I gave Z a dreamcathcher a friend made me about 14 years ago. I lived in a great old farm house with 5 other people after college, and some of my most fun memories are from that time.  I had totally forgotten about the dreamcatcher until this morning, when I noticed it hanging beside my mirror.  It was nice to dust it off and remember the fun I had back then, but it feels perfect hanging just out of reach from his bunk.

I've never seen Zach eat dinner as fast as he did tonight!  By 6pm he was telling me it was time for bed.  He got ready for his bath, but said he had to check something in his top bunk.  So my naked almost six year old climbed up and made sure it was still ok.  It was.  He took a bath, got a quick hair cut (which I'm hoping turns out better than the last time I tried that) and by 7pm he was out cold in his top bunk with Snoopy tucked under his arm.  My little boy is growing up. 

Today was a great day.  I am reminded that I love what I do.  I love helping people find peace with their journey, to better understand it.  I love that I get time to be with Zach and that he is still a little boy and that I need to foster his need for exploration and silliness.  I hope that tomorrow is just as good, and that if it's not that I can find comfort in knowing there's a whole lot of people who have enhanced my life just as much as I have touched theirs.  Thank you for that.  It made today great!


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