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Long Time No Chat

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted!  Which is funny, because I often see my life in mini blog posts.  Apparently I've been busy!  And I really have been.  I deemed 2015 my year.  This is the year I am going to get my shit together and do things I enjoy like embracin abundance, enjoying music, being outdoors and writing.  I'm going to surround myself with awesome people and perhaps even find love.  So far things are going pretty well!  I've been tele skiing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, enjoying my time with Z, having a blast doing readings and being on the radio, and have reconnected with some people that are helping me have and be fun again.  It feels like it's been a long time since I've felt playful, and after a few months of shoveling tons of snow I do believe I am!  It's about time...

As I write this I realize that I am neglecting the writing part.  Which is so strange, because I LOVE writing!  I had an experience where a grouse hit my window and I thought I had posted about it, but apparently I didn't.  I wrote it out in my head though.  I made a labryinth in the snow on a beautiful sunny day and wanted to tell you about that, too.  That was a powerful experience!  I walked in spirals letting go of lots of stuff and then did it in reverse inviting in all sorts of amazingness.  Is that even a word?  LOL!  It is now!  I have three books partially written.  One is on my life as a psychic, another is on my meandering path to the light (how I was raised Catholic and how it just didn't feel right to me.  But through all this "witchy" stuff I have a pretty great relationship with my higher powers now), and another on death.  I love the last one!!!  I have even interviewed some of my friends on the other side and they shared what it was like for them to cross, and what they do with their time now.  That one is the one I need to get back to.  It's incredible....

Well perhaps this was the little kick in the butt I needed!  I could chat with you all day.  But it's snowing- again- so I guess I'm off to shovel.  Again.  Good thing I'm still enjoying it! 

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